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Would be curious to hear from riders who are on this part of the LFP with regularity how they feel about this museum development.  

I personally feel as the protector of Grant Park, Aaron Montgomery Ward would roll over in his grave.  

Do you feel this will completely glut this part of the path with tourists and Divvy bikes gone wild?  Will you avoid it entirely?  My understanding is the plan for the museum has at least been considerably scaled down.

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It's not very far from a bunch of other museums, not to mention Soldier Field. It couldn't possibly become more congested than the path next to the Shedd.

That's not exactly a good thing...

I like the idea of another museum on museum campus.  The current plan disrupts Bears tailgaters and the sledding hill.  It also will conveniently place the nations ugliest museum next the nations ugliest stadium addition.

I do not think the LFP will be more crowded in that section.  The path is between Soldier Field and Burnham Harbor, that section doesn't have lake views like north by Shedds or south of McCormick.  I agree with Maurice the path will not crowd up like it does close to  Shedd.   

I will miss the sledding hill, but some parks have removed sledding hills because people get hurt on them and feed the lawyers. 

I don't think this will make the LFP any worse than it is now (unrideable at peak times); I just hate George Lucas and the fact that he gets to (edit for language) put his museum on ARE LAKEFRONT because Chicago needs the money from Star Wars nerd degenerates.

Star Trek fan?


I like the way they have two options to get around the Shedd - one that brings you to the crowded area and one with the path behind the museum. Yes, this is a crowded area but not nearly as bad as by the beach. The lakefront path will always be super congested unless some big changes are made e.g. separating the path from pedestrians, making it wider, providing more options in high traffic areas. I'm guessing any of these would be cost prohibitive right now. 

Chill, fratty bro who hates nerds.

Getting rid of that huge parking lot with grass and museum, yes please. 

Save "Chicago's front yard"! Protect our lakefront and parks for all to enjoy !

I get the sentiment, and definitely agreed with it when the City was considering turning Maggie Daley Park into the new Children's Museum, but I'm at a loss as to how keeping the parking lots presently on this spot is in any way "protecting" the lakefront for all to enjoy.  If the Lucas Museum doesn't go there, I personally just don't see that land being used for anything other than parking or an eventual expansion of McCormick for the remainder of my lifetime.    

I wish we had a like button. This made me laugh. I must admit, I am a Star Wars nerd and I'm ok with that. I look forward to the museum. 


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