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Looking to open bike shop on Madison & Pulaski retail corridor of Garfield Park. I've got the space, looking for individual or group to make it happen. 

2,500 sf space in underserved area. I think its a great opportunity for a neighborhood family bike shop.

Willing to start as popup or seasonal as well.


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Great idea! I hope that you find a good partner to make this a reality.

Busy hot corner for sure.

Sounds like a great venture--good luck!

I've got the location. Still looking for someone to run it and get it going  I dont need to be part of the business, ideal scenario would be for a bike shop manager or mechanic looking to start a business on their own or a shop expansion. I can help get them started. 

I think a mix of new and used bike sales offerings from kids to adults, service, parts and accessories along with community programming including basic bike maintenance classes, etc would be successful. Even teaming up with non profits like Westown Bikes or Working Bikes would be a great way to start with access to used bikes and help with programming. I've spoken to both of them. They like the idea but are running at full capacity and are not able to expand at this point. The person to step up and open this bike shop will have a lot of support and guidance. 

Let's get this shop going. On Madison & Pulaski . Either traditional shop or non profit with community/ youth programming or a mix of the two. I've contacted the other non profits West Town Bikes, Working Bikes and Blackstone. All said great idea but each swamped and don't have time or resources for another location.

The area could really use it, especially with all these kids out of school the next month!

That's a great idea with a few kids actually.  Call the Chicago Public Schools?  I heard the YMCA's are being closed, so somebody out there is hurtin' for what would be after-school activity if that is true. 



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