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I want to be at the ribbon cutting ceremony and eat bacon. 

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19,500 cars per day in 6 lanes of lower LSD = 66 feet of space

100,000 bikes/peds per day on a busy summer weekend = 16 feet of space

@Philip Hutchinson, I came back to post exactly that. (I know it's not exactly apples-to-apples; the 100,000 bikes/day might be an estimate for the whole path, but still.)

I think the length estimate is in the ballpark.  I've seen it referred to as a third of a mile and three blocks.  I think the flyover alone was originally supposed to cost about $60 million.  Add in the interminable delays and the inadequate planning, as well as the coziness between the city and the contractors, and I'll bet we're up to $80 million by now, easy.  We may never know. 

I remember that when they built Millennium Park, the millennium arrived with barely a spade of dirt having been turned, but nearly all the money having somehow been spent.  By the time the park opened four years later, the cost had ballooned from $150 million to $475 million.  It's called The Chicago Way.

Traditionally, Chicago has not had a democratic government, but has been the kingdom of the Daleys, with the Burkes and Cullertons and Mells and so forth being squires with their own fiefdoms.  Maybe the situation will change a bit now.

I doubt any direction markers for the bridge will apply during tourist season, but at least they still seem to plan going through with it. From the way things look I thought they were going to give up and have the flyover join the current sidewalk just before the bridge house.

That long descent to the trail northbound will result in some spectacular crashes.

I have achieved max Divvy speed on that ramp several times. It's awesome when there is a huge tailwind, and will be terrifying when the lakefront is packed. 

For a contrast to epics like the flyover or the Jane Byrne rebuild, here is a Dutch railway bridge being replaced in 72 hours:

Whatever the most difficult and expensive way to do something may be, the City of Chicago will find it.

Yup Jim, yup indeed !

yeah ketoguychicago. all those electronic dials remind me of those boris karloff frankenstein movies from waaay back in the day . . .


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