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Had fun biking around Chicago's Far South Side with friends yesterday, including visits to Calumet Fisheries, Calumet Beach, new bike paths around Wolf Lake in Indiana, Big Marsh bike park, Pullman, Open Outcry Brewing, and the new 95th Street Red Line station, where we caught the train back north. Pink lines are off-street trails, green lines are on-street routes. Route was somewhere around 50 miles total. Here's the route on Google Maps in case you're interested in riding it; zoom it to get the street names.

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The 126th street sidepath (aka indian creek trail) is my favorite route to big marsh. I'll have to add that jog around wolf lake on nice days, I've never tried that!

Nice! I think the new trails in Indiana are pretty great, especially that loop around Wolf Lake. Plus, 18th St brewery is just a little further south from there...

This is great. I make a semi-regular apple fritter ride to Old Fashioned Donuts in Roseland. This is another, nicely circuitous way to get there.

The apple fritters are awesome at Old Fashioned Donuts - and big enough to share.

What is this sharing thing you speak of? Yeah, seriously, they're enormous.



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