Are they any other regular users of the newish Elston protected bike lanes...north of Milwaukee ave? I've been a bit deflated (pun intended) by the amount of debris and glass, and general total absence of maintenance to the Elston bike lanes. Before the bike lanes, that roadway benefitted from very regular street sweeping. Now, the bike lanes have been sectioned off, and are a bit of a glassy mess. Does anyone who reads this blog have a relationship with city officials responsible for maintenance? Is there any hope even minimal sweeping can be done? I haven't had any luck through 311. And plan on investing in some more puncture proof tires soon out of necessity. 

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Here you go. 

It's basically a driving range surrounded by parking. A very suburban approach to a parcel that is in the middle of a major city.  

It's hard to tell if there's even a sidewalk along Elston, not that anyone will want to walk here.

Sorry, I meant for the island parcel. I am concerned about allowing a drive-thru entrance on Elston.

This is from 2015, so not sure if it's current or not. 

The Chick-Fil-A would be in the 4000 SF building. This plan shows drive-thrus for both buildings, but all traffic would go in/out of the same parking lot entrance, (which this plan shows as a new signal).

Thank you. I'd rather see all traffic enter/exit from Fullerton.

God, what a waste of a prime location.

If I'm reading this right, that's 337 parking spaces!!!  Even if that's wrong and it's half that...170  cars spaces!

Between this development and Elston in general, the Jewel/Menards/Costco on Clyborn, and the weird shopping center on Fullerton by the river, we have basically created a massive retail infill that's pretty darn tough to get to without a car. NONE of it is walkable. 

What a total shame. 

It's gotten substantially worse. Elston was the only bike lane in the NW side for awhile, and an effective way to get to/from downtown. But it's almost worth thinking about giving it up because of all of the strip malls, auto dealerships, and fast food places that have been added. 

It's sad, really, that this piece of infrastructure has been slowly chipped away by changes in the street's retail environment. But I've given up on Elston because of things like this, and because it's just gotten more dangerous over time while other routes have gotten better.

I guess ultimately it's a shame when we add PBLs and drive-thrus. It'd be nice if the planning was a bit more thoughtful.

Loud and clear Brian.  Essentially the same design sets forth the same problem on Clybourn north west of Division, particularly up around Halstead.  The PBLs aren't kept clear so often the bikes are back in with the cars, and worse now, the cars now have 1 tight lane each direction, so it's all the more hectic. 

As the vacant land north of the Target store by Division, and the space to the east of Clybourn both get developed, we'll likely see more of what happens on Elston.  Another CDOT special.   And the CTA got rid of the Clybourn bus several years ago too.  Clybourn seems to be one of the worst places to ride, both south of North Ave, and where the painted lanes are northwest of there, because the way the car turns and traffic work, people go around in the bike lanes to keep everything moving. (the argument for the PBL, but then we just get what you and I have both described on Elston and south on Clybourn)

I'm not really concerned about how this will look as I will ride by it on my bike in about 1 minute. Besides, there are plenty of ugly buildings along my ride on Elston. I'll take a driving range over a heavy traffic business like Starbucks or a laundromat. Those have lots of traffic coming and going all day long. This driving range will see traffic on the weekend and evenings.

The Chick-fil-a and Panera drive-thru going in across the street have the "heavy traffic business" angle covered already, but I guess it could always be worse? We should be happy that it's not a gas station I suppose.

I had always envisioned this area as an opportunity to do something right in an area where there's a lot wrong. Clearly that isn't happening. 

Update - I finally found this, The plan all along was to put new businesses in here.  If we don't, the tax revenues to pay for the $22(!) million intersection renovation, PBLs and sidewalks will have to come from elsewhere.  See the last paragraph, the article asserts that the project was designed to serve cyclists and pedestrians along with motorists.  (Another CDOT special?)


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