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I'm interested in Swrve's wwr trousers and would like to purchase them locally, but I'm not having any luck. None of the local bike shops listed as dealers on Swrve's website actually stock anything by Swrve. Does anyone know where I might be able to find these?

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I have about 6 pair of these pants and love them. I bought my first pair a few years ago at the shop that is on the west side of Clark between Fullerton and Diversey - sorry, but their name isn't coming to me. However, I recall that they were selling off their in-store stock at the time, so they may not have any now. Since then I have just ordered them directly from Swrve.

I don't know the answer to your question but I have an older version of the these in brown that I only wore a few times. They are ideal for winter. They are (supposed to be) size 32x30 but are more like 30x30 (there sizing used to be a little wonky but maybe they figured it out by now. I have other pants that are perfect fits and one pair that was bigger than 32) I should've returned them but waited too long. For sale at a highly discounted price or trade.

Understandable. I've found that BetaBrand is the opposite, all of their pants seem to run large.

I haven't ordered anything from Swrve in about two years. I do remember that the delivery time was pretty short.

I wear 32x34 in these (I usually wear a 31 waist but these are just about right for me - 30 is too tight) and you're welcome to try one of mine if it helps.

I have a pair of wwr winter pants and a pair of knickers. I find that both of them run a bit large. Other than that, I love them: they are well made, sown in L.A. out of Swiss fabric and seem to last forever. And given their quality, the price is reasonable.

I'm currently testing the Swrve Softshell Belgian Cap for an upcoming review and I love it. The fleece makes my ears toasty and the softshell material kept me dry in a rainstorm.

I wish! Yeti is adorable and a great trail dog. My dog, Lily looks like Yeti but I think she lacks Yeti's skills. 

Order online, I have 2 shorts and they fit really nice.   Their clothing is really well made, and they have good sales most of the time.

If they don't have it at Boulevard, I'd go straight to mail order/online.


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