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I've noticed that a number of us primarily use Divvy to get around. I figured I'd create this thread to discuss all things Divvy. Compliments. Complaints. Suggestions. All welcome.

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Well, it appears that Divvy has been listening to some of the complaints/comments. I received an email yesterday spelling out some upcoming changes, including:

- Annual members will now get unlimited 45 minute rides, up from the old 30 minute limit.

- Overage fees have been simplified to $3 per 30 minutes

- Introduction of a new $3 single ride option (30 minutes)

- Replacement of the 24 hour pass with a $15 Explorer Pass, allowing riders to keep the bikes out for 3 hours, instead of 30 minutes. No mention if the pass is only good for a single 3 hour window, or a 24 hour period.

The Explorer Pass appears to be geared towards tourists, allowing for a more leisurely ride along the lakefront.

With the Explorer Pass you can take as many three-hour trips as you like within 24 hours.

I received my Divvy stats for 2018. 'Not too shabby. I took 462 trips, and logged 5,490 minutes, putting me in the top 1% of users. Given that the bikes rarely have enough air in the tires, the minutes seem much longer than the actual time spent on the bikes.

Speaking of air in the tires, any idea if Divvy uses special tires? I purchased a small pocket air pump, but it doesn't seem to fit on the valve stem.

Hi Argonne,

Did this work for you? I think that Divvy uses regular "Schraeder" valves and I suspect the pump you bought may have had the smaller "presta"valve, although sometimes they have both.


I was only in the top 3%. :-(

I thought I recalled that they used nitrogen instead of plain compressed air? At any rate, I'm pretty sure the tires themselves are pretty sturdy, so are going to ride like you're in a tank. As for the "not enough air" business, I have encountered bikes from time-to-time whose brakes are rubbing. Upon return, I hit the wrench button in those cases.

The tires are plenty sturdy, even when only inflated 50%. Trying to pedal on half inflated tires is a real workout.

How about a repair station style pump so you can air up before taking the bike out of the dock?

Yeah, a pump at each station would be great. Riding this morning was a real workout. A solid headwind and tires that were 3/4 inflated. Who needs a health club membership?
I did around 200 Divvy trips in 2018. I've encountered a few Divvy's with flat (or nearly-flat) tires and pushed the wrench button on them, but otherwise never really noticed the tire pressures being a regular issue.

My main complaints:
- Brakes that need adjustment because they're rubbing and/or not working correctly.
- Seat tubes that have been over-lubed and won't stay in place, sliding down and/or twisting as you ride.
- Lighting that isn't working correctly (and in general isn't bright enough for night riding).
- Handlebar grips that feel like they're about to slip off, and/or leave gunk all over my hands. The newer ones are better than the old ones.

In general, I love Divvy. I use it often for commuting and it's nice to not have to carry locks or worry about leaving my bike on the street. It's awesome for spontaneous trips and for getting around in the loop for meetings during the day. If I get a bike that has an issue, it's simple to just re-dock, push the wrench button, and grab a different one.

I ride Divvy a fair amount. But with a twist. I try to do what I call my Divvy-Duathlon. Ride for a mile, dock, run for a mile, get a bike, ride, dock, run, get a get the idea. This is my commute to/fr work. The workout is excellent and the bikes are plentiful. i love the stats that Divvy sends me monthly. 

Neat concept. I wish my bum knee allowed me to run still.

I've thought about doing a much simpler version of this, with only one 'transition' from bike to foot (or vice versa, depending on my mood) per commute. Dumb(ish?) question - do you simply forgo a helmet on the bike portions? I'd love it if there was like a lightweight something(?) I could wear while running without slowing me down that also provided some sort of protection for my dome while riding but haven't seen anything.



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