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What seat heights do you guys use on Divvy, and how tall are you?

I'm 6'1" and I set the seat height to 9.

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5'9" and set it at 6

6'1" - set at 8

Same height as me but different seat height! I wonder how our "leg heights" compare. I'd love to see the data on this if Divvy did a survey.

5'11" and I set the seat at 7. Is someone going to do a scatter-plot graph with a trend line?

My girlfriend is about 5 9 or 5 10 and sets it to 6.

I had her try it at 7 and she liked it better but felt less comfortable with starting and stopping. I think most novice cyclists take time to get a comfort level with the larger height, and it's important for them to feel comfortable first, with starting and stopping, and feeling safe and closer to the ground, and then as they get more comfortable, they can play with getting more seat height for more speed and leverage. But speed is a secondary consideration and not the primary one for my girlfriend who is still building up her confidence in riding in urban conditions.

Good insight! I bet you're right.

Also 5'11 and 7. But if it's a short ride I don't usually bother changing it if it's around 6.

5’6” and I’ve been setting it at 4.5/5

6' 0" and set to 8.5. I have fairly long legs.

5'-8" -  I use just shy of 7.

6'2" would like to set at 11.

I'm 5'7'' and I set it at 5.


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