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Desira Miller was riding home with her boyfriend Friday night around 11 p.m. at Belmont and Central when a CTA bus turning left ran into Desira breaking her leg, arm, rib, and fracturing her skull.

Is anyone interested in doing a short YouTube video on how to accurately make an identifiable notation of a CTA bus, run and driver? It seems purposely confusing to keep the driver anonymous and free from blame.

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What are the CTA's procedures for dealing with collisions with injuries?

deny and delay ?

Here's De's GoFundme page.

"a CTA bus turned left right into Miller"

"Police said no citations were issued because both the bus and Miller had the green light when the accident happened."

so let me get this straight: the operator of a motor vehicle executed an improper left turn instead of yielding to traffic that has the right of way, but no tickets are issued? oh, yeah, right. CTA vs. cyclist; we know who the city is going to side with.

"The investigation is ongoing."

sure it is.

Agreed - that statement makes absolutely no sense. I can't imagine that if a driver (CTA bus driver or anyone else) turned left in front of a car causing a crash, the left turner would get off without a citation.

I hope she sues CTA. And I hope it's a big payment. This is not going to be an easy crash to recover from with a fractured skull. It's hard not to get angry when this happens over and over again. 

And last week's tragedy? What is happening to the investigation in the crash that killed Angela? 

And the week before - why wasn't the driver that doored Luster ticketed? And what about the driver that was too close to Luster when they should have been at least 3 feet. 

And what does the CPD have to say? They are all for "no tolerance" ticketing people of color on the South and West sides of the city. Is it any surprise cyclists aren't treated seriously? CPD parks their vehicles in our lanes all the time. So does the CTA. Killing a cyclist may or may not result in a $200 ticket. If drunk, the judge will likely say the cyclist was wearing dark clothing and let you off with a slap on the wrist.

What do people think about regular protests about this? Maybe combine it with Critical Mass? And with every ghost bike memorial event?

I have a friend that uses a wheelchair. She was on a bus one day and the bus stopped short and the her and her chair were thrown out of place as the locking mechanisms were not properly secured on the bus. My friend was in rehab for months, got behind on her rent, and more. With that said, it's been years to no avail with the CTA.

It is possible that she was traveling the same direction as the bus, and passed the bus on the left when it was turning left?  I can't tell from the article (apologies if it's in there).  I saw this the other day waiting at the light going north on Halsted at Armitage.  A car was turning left (from WB Armitage to NB Halsted) and two cyclists (obviously traveling together) split apart - one went left around a driver turning left, the other cruised up curbside and went through the crosswalk around a driver turning right.  Did not even slow down, and I cringed - sure I was about to see carnage.  Fortunately both cars stopped in time.  Prayers for D and be careful out there all.

It is possible that she was traveling the same direction as the bus, and passed the bus on the left when it was turning left?

You're making a big assumption without having any information as a basis.

I guess I should have proofread.  I didn't mean to say "It is," I mean "Is it," hence the question mark and the disclaimer that I couldn't tell from the article.  My mistake.  It wasn't meant to be an assumption - just a question about whether anyone knew whether it were possible that this is what happened.  The incident at Halsted and Armitage was fresh in my mind.

I came upon this crash scene a few minutes after it happened - I live a few blocks away. I'm also a regular visitor to Lost Lake, and I recognize her. I'm sorry that she was hurt as much as she was, but I'm glad she's beginning to recover. While I did not witness the crash itself, it is not too hard to draw conclusions about who was at fault. The bus was turning left onto WB Belmont and under no circumstances other than having a left-turn arrow (which does not exist at this intersection) is a vehicle at an intersection like this *not* required to yield to other road users, whether they are in cars, on bicycles or on foot. 

Can you clarify the movements regarding the crash? Was she riding north on Central Park and the bus driver hooked her while passing on her right?

I live a few blocks further SE, and I have a love-hate affair with the Belmont bus as it's my best friend when I'm on it yet my worst enemy when I'm on my bike, so I'm just wondering what new bewildering moves the drivers have now added to their repertoire with the construction everywhere.

The bus driver was turning left from NB Central Park to WB Belmont. The collision took place more or less in the west crosswalk on Belmont. My first impression was that she had been heading south on Central Park (CP is one-way south north of Belmont, two-way south of Belmont) but I don't know. 


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