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"Critical mass" still has a lot of meaning for cyclists. Not just as a monthly group ride but as a goal. I'm not buying the "minority" argument in another thread. We do have rights, we need to keep plugging away, and we have support to our cause. We're getting there, slowly, surely, more people use bikes as their main form of transportation. Personally, what keeps me going through winter is that I remind myself I'd rather be pedaling as part of my commute than in a gym. Call me cheap but I like my nearly-free activity. It goes hand in hand with my daily dog walks. Keeping active makes me happy. I also realized it would take less than 1 year to earn back my Brompton because I don't have to take the bus. 

So if you get down or get cold or get frustrated, keep riding, keep advocating, and focus on the goal. CRITICAL MASS. Think Copenhagen. Think Amsterdam. Ride your bike.

Also, on a side note, when you can, shop local bike shop. Lots of good options. Lots of awesome people. Lots of bike happiness to be found. If we keep those shops supported, more people will wander into them and come out with a pair of wheels and a new or renewed love of biking.

I'm not sugar-coating it for myself - I get frustrated at times too. But then I have a really good ride and the sun is shining and I remember what I love so much about riding my bike.

When you do get frustrated, go to Bike Lane Uprising and log the motorist blocking your bike lane. Log your rides on Strava so that urban planners have the data. Support local advocates. Read Streetsblog. And come to The Chainlink to vent or share.

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I'll miss Critical Mass once we don't need to fight a car sick culture. Until then I look forward to taking back the streets with new and familiar faces once a month. I've seen its ugly side, but the beauty of some moments outshines those things I try and avoid.

Right on! Critical Mass is a great antidote to that feeling that we "don't belong on the streets." That good feeling sticks with me for weeks after a CCM ride.


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