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Thread for hailing her incredibly big news...

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Congratulations and best wishes!  Soon you'll be needing a baby carrier, then a tricycle, then training wheels, and continuing on up...

Congratulations Julie & Ari!

Congratulations, + No Pressure:

After WWII, kids in the UK would use wood blocks to reach the pedals on their bikes, because that was the only bike they would ever have.... I hope I'm not giving anybody any ideas...and honestly, she's not "big", she's just a little bigger.  The photo is a total misrepresentation, IMHO.


Wonderful new rider on the way. CHEERS!

Yeah! Will look forward to the day when your little one is big enough to come out for Kidical Mass.

Julie & Ari, best wishes for your upcoming parenthood ! Soon, one more Chainlinker ! !



Thou swell, we kvell...

MAZEL TOV, Julie & Ari!

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Julie and Ari!


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