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Congratulations Chicago Cubs...

on a spectacular season!

on a fantastic post season run!

on an epic World Series!


a North Side Sox fan

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Ernie Banks predicted before he left us that, "Someday, the Cubs WILL go all the way! " Today is that 'someday'!

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs - 2016 World Series Champions !

Viewing Party by Bike Time ! Bring your bike to watch the parade along the route. Use adjacent streets to

follow as much is allowed by conditions and the authorities. Celebrate safely !

I work near the Art Institute, and am definitely not biking in tomorrow. There will be way too many people around to leave a bike tied up in the area, or even get into the area in the morning.

That's cool Tri, your choice. There will be a huge crowd downtown so all transit will be max'ed out. I like my chances on the bike. We did this a couple times at the Blackhawk's Cup celebration and at the Marathon. So it works out. Not 'working' tomorrow so we're gonna try to enjoy as much of this 'once in a lifetime celebration' as we can.

Hope everyone enjoys it tomorrow, we've earned it. Have fun ! Ride Safe ! See you all down the road !

I left for work an hour early on the Red line and got to work... an hour early. Sure it was crowded but trying to get a bike near here today would have been much worse.

Transit and everything else is definitely maxed out getting into downtown. Sidewalks are jammed with people. Plenty of restaurants and stores will have longer lines than normal. Rule of the day - allow extra time.

Yeah, Cubs!!!!!

"Listen to the CROWD !" - Harry Caray

5 Million estimated crowd ! Wow !

I can't wait till next year ! ! !

Ah one, ah two more times :D

Always remember
that teamwork,
and a supportive
community effort,
made this positive accomplishment
possible !

Amazing teamwork. I'm still in awe. 



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