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Since the new logo launched, we started selling CL pint glasses. Water bottles will for sale by the end of the month. T-shirts in two weeks (black with white logo, gray with green logo). We are going to begin design on a new Chainlink kit very shortly. 

I've been thinking about what other merchandise we would like to offer. NPR was saying that coffee mugs and tote bags are HUGE for them. Who would of thought?

What other types of Chainlink merchandise would you like to see?

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This made me giggle. No worries!!! :-)

I'd also be interested in a more casual jersey, I have one full zip but it isn't the most comfortable when not on the bike it seems.

Holy shirt, indeed! ;)

Are you making a pu-pu platter? 

+1 for a discrete logo on whatever you choose to order. I'd be interested in a windproof gilet or wool blend t-shirt. 

A small sticker that will fit a top tube or chain stay. A pin and/or patch for the hipsters, too, to go along with the glasses.

My Chainlink sweater shrank a little(I deny getting larger). Maybe another run of the wool sweater jerseys?

Love this thread. Giggles all around. Cap, stickers, and patches for messenger bag.

I'd also maybe throw it out there for a gilet or a full sleeve wind breaker/rain jacket?  I have one I got from a fellow cyclist that is perfect as a top layer in winter as well as a rain jacket in the colder rainy seasons, forgot the brand but they are big in Australia.

How about a Po Campo bag? We'd love to add the Chainlink logo to a unisex style, like the Loop Pannier or Bike Share Bag.

Is it possible to request clothing line and materials that is animal friendly (ie: no leather, no wool, no silk, no suede and so on)



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