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Since the new logo launched, we started selling CL pint glasses. Water bottles will for sale by the end of the month. T-shirts in two weeks (black with white logo, gray with green logo). We are going to begin design on a new Chainlink kit very shortly. 

I've been thinking about what other merchandise we would like to offer. NPR was saying that coffee mugs and tote bags are HUGE for them. Who would of thought?

What other types of Chainlink merchandise would you like to see?

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I have a bag from NPR that is definitely a budget item and didn't last a year before seams started tearing. I'd go for quality over quantity on that one.

Yasmeen, where might one acquire said CL pint glass? Do tell. (FYI you can get a pint glass by donating a bike to working bikes, I have a Rapid Transit pint glass. Are there any other bike pint glasses in the city so I can have the complete set?)

Swag needed - A patch that has 2015 on it and then in a decade I can flash my decades worth of patches and amaze the young biker ladies.

Lastly, if there is need for a place for CL bar night either of these would work, the beer costs but the video games are free. The River north one would be preferable, they have Tempest AND Robotron

Thanks Haddon! Purchasing pint glasses - I am working on the online store and hope to launch it this month when the t-shirts and bottles arrive. In the meantime, you can buy the glasses at bar nights too.  

I've taken note of your suggestions, thank you. I am also working on more swag so this is good to hear. Personally, I think the temporary tattoos will amaze the ladies. 

Cycling cap!

+1 for cycling cap!

+1 for cycling cap (bonus points for non-white, moisture-wicking fabric)


I hear that walz caps (quality craftsman from CA) gives deep discounts (~50%) for large custom runs (~100).

+1 messenger bag

Stickers for bike, helmet, cat (kidding), guitar case, etc.

Socks !!

Saddle covers!  Like the 312 ones.

I would like to see a casual bike jersey that works on and  off the bike. The logo would need to be more discrete than on a kit, perhaps on a pocket.  This could be in the form of a shirt, tee, polo or even a bowling shirt but with a back pocket or two. This may be good for the urban rider.


Oh my, I am glad that the ability to edit one's post is no longer limited to 15 minutes. It would really look bad for a moderator to post profanely.  There is no question that I have worn a lot of crap in my lifetime but there is also no question that I intended (and failed) to suggest a shirt. No, that wasn't auto correct, that was an old fashioned typo with too little time being taken to look over the prose. Holy Shirt, it has been corrected!


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