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Dearborn and Washington. Saw a guy not look for bikes and made a cyclist fall.

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How many times do you have to avoid the pedestrian with their nose in their phone? :-/ happens a lot more lately. Or they are on their phone, yapping away, not paying attention to other peds or their dog or traffic.

I gave myself a rule - when I walk my dog, I only bring my phone to snap a pic of her. Otherwise it's in my pocket or I leave it at home. I figure it's her time anyways.

I agree. When I walk mine, I do the same thing you say you do. But here in in the Loop, the number of pedestrians not paying attention just keeps on growing. 

This summer or so I had my first collision ever with a person on foot when I nailed an idiot teenage boy. I was going south on Dearborn at Lake and he stepped out from the curb on a red light, fave buried loveingly in his phone, about six feet in  front of me. Flummoxed as I was picking myself up and telling him FIRMLY to please LOOK WHERE HE WAS GOING all he could think of to say was to try to tell me that I should use a bell. As if that would have snapped him from his trance. A woman in a car waiting to turn at the light saw it all and asked if I was OK. I hope this never happens again, but if it does I do hope the other person goes down, not me. A couple of times I've been on foot myself and stopped someone else from stepping directly into the path of a cyclist with the right of way. 

If you had a bell you could have thrown it at him so he'd pay attention.

Best response ever. You win the chain link.

hahaha. That is a pretty awesome response. :-)

Yes!!!! LMAO!

A water bottle is cheaper.

Very true, but it doesn't have quite the same ring. ;)

I had two peds crossing against the light in opposite directions across Dearborn/Kinzie as I was coming down the hill. Not only that, but as I moved to avoid them, they both froze in place and I had to ditch the Divvy. Thank god for the step-though!


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