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It happened again today. 

A flock of Canadian Geese were crossing the LFT as I approached. I've quacked at them mercilessly but most of them just ignore me.

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I know it's only a matter of time before one of them pulls a gun on me.

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Aim for  them. They'll move.

Exactly. That's what I do, at a gradual pace so they can move out of the way since they're pretty slow to react.

Eh, I'd rather quack at them. For me, it's more entertaining. Over the course of various encounters, I've found that their political views are really wacky.

They don't. Or rather they do move, but straight up so you get hit in the face and crash. I've watched it happen twice to the can't/won't/don't stop (or slow, in this case) crowd.

I've also encountered a Lakefront Lance that would not break until waterfowl was up in his grill. Still not sure how he managed to not crash...Daft individual.

Also, we cannot rule out Cackling Geese at this juncture.


I think they're setting up an ambush for me. Not once, but twice, I ran into a flock of them around the DuSable Harbor area of the LFT this evening. By the second time, I was getting quite loud with my quacking. I really got into the face of one of them. I definitely ruffled a few feathers, metaphorically, of course. I'm a little worried now. 

I got charged by one, neck down, feathers ruffled, on Goose Island of all places, approaching the Cherry St bridge a year or so ago. I think there were goslings nearby

Something to watch out for in riverfront and pond-edge locations. They get very aggressive and protective of their babies. It's a good thing they don't dive bomb like red winged blackbirds.

I ride into the grass to get around the geese (or turn around if their gaggle is gigantic). I don't like to see them get upset and worried when I show up on my bike. Plus, getting attacked by a goose is not on my bucket list of things I want to do on my bike. ;-)

Theyre American geese.  Canadian geese are more polite.




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