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Horrible vindictive driver crashed into eight cyclists in Sunnyvale, California today.  What can we do to protect ourselves from such crazies?

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"Possible terrorism."

Sadly, there's no real defense against someone who's determined to do evil.


Life's dangerous get over it or stop leaving your house.

Do some serious repair work on our damaged mental health care system in this country now. 

Nothing more or less than pedestrians; church-, synagogue-, or mosque-goers; kids in schools; people in their own home; people at restaurants, etc. can do.  This isn't a cycling issue, unfortunately.  And there's no defense except the law of averages.  And systemic changes to a million things in our country, of course.

What makes you say "vindictive"?

When he was arrested at the scene he was "down on his knees, praising Jesus."

It kinda looks to me that his man either had a psychotic episode, or his accelerator pedal jammed.

Maybe "deranged" "enraged(?)" or "incapacitated" rather than "vindictive."

Very curious.

Ahhh, I was thinking more in the "revenge" sense.

This story describes the driver as an Iraq war veteran with PTSD and other issues and says that he intentionally hit the victims. He's been charged with 8 counts of attempted murder.

You left out drunks... we need to watch out for them as well.

Thank you clp.

I'm tired out from riding CCM so I bungeed my bike onto one of these and I'm heading home. 



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