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I'm entering the world of a business casual dress code. I don't expect to have facilities to change after my commute. What are your favorite brands, styles, shoes, etc. for business casual commute?

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Good topic. Looking forward to seeing what people post. Sorry I have no good advice! My main worry would be getting oil on my pant leg. I guess you have to roll it up or tie it with one of those tie things.

Chain guard! (says the guy who has been meaning to install one for 5+ years.)

Swrve slacks and Ibex merino base-layer shirts for me! Put a dress shirt on when you get to the office. For shoes, use BMX platform pedals and wear whatever shoes you like, or else SPDs and change when you arrive. I leave boat shoes at my office.

I always roll up the pant leg. As for shoes, I leave a pair of shoes at the office. I normally ride with clipless shoes/pedals.

Heat of summer? I shower before I leave (only three mile commute from South Loop to Water Tower area), and wear different clothes. I change at work and give myself a pat down with Clorox wipes - after work, if I am going to ride 20 miles, I put on real biking clothes. If I am going straight home, I just change shoes, put helmet on, and roll up the pants. Then when I get home, I take the shoes off so I can moonwalk all over the condo. 

My commute is  between 13 and  15 miles  depending on the  route.   I shower  before I leave and  have some clothing - suits,  shoes belt, ties- at the  office.  I bring "software"- underclothing and  a shirt in my pannier.   I  ride  easy on the way in and  clean up  before suiting up.   This works on most  days. I  generally wear  bike clothing for the  ride and then  changed but on some days have  worn a shirt such as a  Club Ride  jersey that  will  pass for office casual. 

I'm similar to David. When I didn't have an office to store clothing and change, I'd bring khakis and a polo shirt, and change in a bathroom stall.  It takes 10 seconds, and you can clean up a bit while you're in there.

Same here. I can always put clothes in a backpack and change in a bathroom.

If you need to ride in your work clothes, I really like these pants from Eddie Bauer; very comfortable, breathable, and they dry fast:

Look for shirts with the same kind of fabrics (nylon, polyester, spandex) on their site. Search for the Travex series:

Always keep a spare change of clothes at your desk. It sucks to spend the day in wet jeans or soaked socks. If you need rain gear, ShowersPass is top-notch, and they've got a sale going on until the end of the day. 20% off using the code READY4FALL

Im going to have to look into this.


I change quickly in the bathroom stall (bringing a change of clothes in my panniers) and then hang my commute clothing on a hanger to give it a chance to air out. When it's less sticky/hot, I ride in a skirt with bike shorts.


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