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Bobby Cann Updates: Ryne San Hamel Pleads Guilty, Receives 10 Days in Jail

Jason Jenkins at ActiveTrans is helping to coordinate community response.  If there is any chance you can attend proceedings, please reach out to him:


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The next court date is April 14th at 10:00 AM.

I didn't get an email from VINE nor a phone call.  Getting the transcripts is notoriously slow.  Still waiting for the February 10th transcript, and the transcript for the March 12th hearing won't be available for a month.

Was anyone in court and knows what went on and can post the information?

Transcript from the Hearing on February 10th:

This is one-hearing-behind.  Again, it takes a while to get these.  I'm still waiting for the hearing that was held on March 12th.

The next hearing is scheduled for April 14th.

Is anyone still attending these hearings?

Hopefully they decide to pass the budget package to pay the court reports through June 30 or everything gets delayed.

Transcript from the Hearing on March 12th; this is the most recent hearing.

The next hearing is scheduled for April 14th.

I can't get out of work to attend, but very much appreciate these updates on the status of the case.  Thanks, Bob!

I couldn't make it to the hearing on 4/14; does anyone have anything to report?

Does anyone know when the next hearing or court date is scheduled?

I do know that the court reporter was Melissa Reardon; I'll try and get a transcript when one is available.

Only 1 week instead of 1 month?  Does this mean discovery is almost over?  Which is where they are waiting to exchange documents, perform tests (on the deadly weapon), etc?

On May 29th, two years will have passed since this killing.  Maybe Judge Hooks wants to get this settled.

In the last transcript, Judge Hooks said: "Because right now this case has gotten to be too old."

It is from a while ago but I feel it is still worth reposting.

God, this still makes me sick to my stomach to read...painful, painful, painful. Could have been any one of us getting hit by this guy.

Any updates from yesterday's hearing?  Thanks as always to Jason Jenkins, Bob Kastigar, and others for keeping us up to date, NOT forgetting who this is about, Bobby Cann, and making sure justice is done.  


This e-mail is to inform you that there is an upcoming court event involving the defendant Ryne Sanhamel and case number 13CR1355001.
A hearing has been scheduled for 4/28/2015 at 10:00 AM. This will take place in Circuit Court 127, located at the following address: 2600 South California Ave, Chicago, IL .
Please be aware that there are often multiple cases set on a particular date in this court. The case you are involved in may not be reached on the scheduled day. You may want to check for updates to this information by periodically calling the VINE service or visiting

For more information, contact the county clerk's office.  Thank you,
Cook County Automated Victim Notification System

Things seem to be speeding up.  Was anyone at the last hearing on April 20th?  It takes a long time to get the transcripts, up to 30 days.  Was anyone reading this at the last hearing?


I haven't gotten any replies from Jason Jenkings since last November; is he still spearheading this following?  I wrote him an email, and never got a reply.  Is the Active Transportation Alliance still in on this Court Advocate project?

If anybody knows anything, please share it with the rest of us.


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