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Haven't been here in awhile and see that we're mum on this subject.

This past week has been crazy but change is uncomfortable and change is needed. As cyclists we stand to benefit from increased police accountability, I'd like to think we support the BLM movement. I do.

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No.  As you've pointed out yesterday, as have I, and likewise Elwood via the Nunes critique, there's concern the cause is being hijacked.  (I'm not speaking for Elwood on the exact hijacked word). 

Similarly, WBEZ(NPR) gave voice to Ariel Atkins this week, who doubled down on the looting/reparations thesis, with WBEZ describing her as a BLM activist.  (See for yourself, you can google it or check WBEZ's website - this was the work of Rob Wildeboer and Chip Mitchell.  Wildeboer basically runs WBEZ's news desk, so this was not some off-hand or fringe interview.  If you can't find it, I'll go back and look again.) 

So what I'm suggesting (which has drawn the subversive remark) is that it would be valuable for BLM to come out and reconcile/clarify these opposite and widely circulated viewpoints, which would safeguard against the hijack concern you've raised.  Your quarrel isn't with me, it's with Ariel Atkins or WBEZ at this point. 

Already familiar. Heard the 'BEZ piece the morning it broadcast, prior to your posting(s) here. And my quarrel IS with you. But please, do keep droning on. I'm done with it.

There is so much going on right now that can easily get us worked up and emotional. Seeing videos of cops treating small children of color like criminals is definitely emotional for me. There's a deep damage that has been done. And when police pepper spray and gas peaceful protestors, they only pile-on the growing problems of racial injustice, abuse of power, and unconstitutional behavior - much of the time it seems, without consequence. And it's been going on for decades. People have been blinded, killed, abused, harassed, etc. by the very police that are supposed to be there to protect us. But who are they protecting us from? Themselves? No. They protect each other. Whistleblowing is not allowed. This is a broken system through out our country. 

So if you want to come to this thread and post something you think will get us angry at Black Lives Matter or angry at the looters, I ask you this, where is your outrage when unarmed, innocent children are shot or abused by police? Where is your outrage when POC are treated as less-than in our country? If you want to be offended by looters, how about prioritizing human lives above a store full of Nikes? I must admit, I stopped really caring about that noise when our president gassed and abused peaceful protestors so that he could get a photo op in front of a church that didn't want him. So he could prop up an upside down Bible as if he is above the law. Right now we have so many people that are unemployed. Benefits just ran out. The Republicans are stonewalling all attempts to get assistance to the people that need it. States are strapped for cash. There's a pandemic. Over 165k people have lost their lives. And we have a president that behaves like he's the emperor. But yeah, let's get mad at the looting. 

Oh, and a sidenote, huge corporations like Amazon that don't pay taxes are making billions off the pandemic while people are going hungry, at risk of being homeless, etc. But yeah, looters. 

Informative posting Elwood.  Related and likewise condemning the looters is the mayor on the topic as well:   All the more important considering bike shops like Kozy's were looted in the prior round.    

Yasneen wrote:"I ask you this, where is your outrage when unarmed, innocent children are shot or abused by police?"

Where has this happened? I haven't seen any reporting of police shooting children?

I'll be honest, I don't think you really want the answer because if you did, you would have Googled it. Do you care? 

I'll be to the point:

1. BOB, learn to spell my name. It's not hard and what you are doing to my name doesn't make you look awesome. 

2. If you disagree, don't talk about the person in third person, talk directly to them. This is about being respectful. 

3. if you really do care, how about you Google before you start trying to make some point? You know, you go to and type in "children killed by police" and "children hurt by police". Easy peezy.

Here, I did some google work for you and here are two children (yes, children of color) that were shot and killed by police. 

Tamar Rice

Aiyana Jones

Many videos and stories of black children being treated very roughly and being arrested. I suggest you Google it.

Laquan. 17 years old. 16 shots. But you would say 17 isn't a "child." And he was carrying a knife (albeit walking AWAY from police.)

STOP trolling, Bob.

Tamir was 12. Aiyana was 7. There are many that just turned 18. So young. Too young. This needs to stop.

This is what has me shaken as a human being. Seeing this happen to small children. Never seems to happen to small white children. And seeing this happen to children gives me nightmares, as it should. How is this the topic you chose to troll me on Bob? Doesn't this bother you? 

"The children were ages 6, 12, 14 and 17. According to The Associated Press, the 17-year-old and 12-year-old were handcuffed."

Pay attention to the news about this shit if you want to have a relevant opinion Bob.

It is not the job of everyone here to hold you're hand and guide you through current events and the news like you're a goddamn child Bob.

You want a list of names of KIDS the cops have shot but can't be bothered to pay attention when it happens or remember their names because you basically don't care? Try doing a Google Bob.

You want a seat at the big kid's table Bob, you have to do the homework because it is not the rest of the world's job to update you on fact.

If you're going to present something as a fact the back it up with a source or support.

Don't tell me to 'google it' myself.

If you don't know the names of Tamir, Laquan, and Aiyana and you don't know their stories, you have not been paying attention. This isn't obscure news Bob. 

And with the way you have treated me for years, I'm not surprised. I have no problem with telling you to Google it yourself and will continue to do so. Might be time for a little self-reflection on how you view, treat, and talk about people of color. 


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