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I was thinking it might be interesting to try and do this somewhere in Chicago. I think it'd be a lot easier to team up with a few others. Would anyone be interested in doing this, or have any ideas for a street (or streets) to place the cups?

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It would be interesting to do somewhere here in Chicago but perhaps with red painted cans. The paper ones are crushed by vehicles almost immediately and or blow away in the trial attempt cities.

Are you going to go back and pick them up or is it litter for a cause?

yeah dug, i guess it is, but i guess it's better than picking up injured cyclists for not having proper protected bike lanes especially where they are needed for a cause . . .

So you just put out a bunch of cups and then leave them there because trash is cool?


I mean I am not even going to get into the whole protected bike lanes thing because that's not exactly a simple issue but can we maybe talk about how this is the sort of 'protest' that smacks of entitlement and selfishness because it is the sort of thing where you think of your sub-culture's needs and wants with little regard to what your actions are doing to somebody's neighborhood.

Because it's a shitty illustration of the point even.

You're using something that is WILDLY below the line of sight for a driver and drivers using the bike line for the extra road when it is not occupied is kind of the whole point of share the road stuff eh?

You seem to have hit the nail on the head with your responses. The point is to illustrate that paint, which is similarly below the line of sight for a driver, is ineffective at protecting cyclists. 

Drivers believing that painted bike lanes are "extra road" that they can use to drive in or park on when cyclists aren't around is exactly why curb/barrier protected bike lanes are far more effective than paint. 

You're right though, people should go back and pick up the cups after they're smashed. 

People did pick up the cups after (see my post below).

No, "drivers using the bike line for the extra road when it is not occupied" is not at all the point of "share the road stuff." "Share the road" is a message that is directed at motor vehicle drivers and it is they who are being asked to share the road with other users. This gets to why the phrase is problematic - many people in cars take the attitude that it is always directed at someone else, not them. Towards cyclists, this often manifests as "get out of my way". This is why "bicyclists have full use of lane" signs are much more effective than "share the road" signs. Bike lanes, legally, do not exist (except in a handful of cases) to keep cyclists in, but to keep motor vehicles out. 

F that special lane stuff.

Protected bike lanes reinforce the concept that bikes only belong in certain places on certain roads.

It's the road; share it.

Hey dug, you forgot to post this after your response. 


Hahaha. But seriously, poke with a stick much? *backs away to fade into background*



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