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Any good places around town to watch Tour de France?

It would be nice to watch a few of the stages over a pint. 

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For now just watching The Tour de France on cable tv at home.

6 am... hmmm, I don't think you want Lily in your personal space at 6 am. This just reminds me how we need to see you soon. It's been forever! :-)

I am realizing I should have been more specific. I'm good with watching TdF at home. :-)

Here's the link to the apps:

Tip: The web access is not great, I think it's best to go with the phone or iPad app if possible.

Does anyone know of any pubs or restaurants that have TdF on their TVs? I think it'd be fun to mix it up and watch it outside of the living room.

Our 1 year old puppy, Lily is glued to the TV when it's on...

Replays are on overnite on NBCsn. If you're in a corner of an establishment, I'm sure you can watch it, with or without friends. When they're through watching exciting baseball.
Soxes- 1 Cubbies- 0. Double plays, no hitting. They should be watching The Tour de France !

Though it's been a few years, I used to watch the Tour at the Map Room.

Thanks! There is also this event - I saw it on FB today and added it to Chainlink:

Looks like fun.

Good to know. Thanks!



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