I ask myself all the time why I continue to ride in this city. Everyone is so angry and only worried about themselves. It’s all about me before you. Why do we continue to ride when there is so much hatred/anger/obviluousness to human life as cyclists and pedestrians? 

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Because if we give in to it, we lose.


And when riding a bike is good, it is SO good. I rode to work today with 2 kinds of cookies (cookie swap) and the presents I need to ship to my brother and sister in law. Full backpack and it felt good to be self-sufficient, being propelled by my own two legs. This is what it's all about, isn't it?

Exactly. Last night I took a 5 mile ride around my neighborhood, enjoying holiday displays along the way and stopping for groceries. It's freedom. I'm not going to give that up.

i don't know about you, but like the novice Buddhist monk,  i ride my bike to ride my bike.

That works for me.

I think what you mean is Utilitarianism.

Our Democracy has checks that are supposed to protect the rights of those minorities. So if you want to use that, cyclists' rights and opportunities should be equal to motorists. Clearly they are not.

Furthermore, in many areas in Chicago, pedestrians & cyclists are the majority. So by your logic, the streets in those areas should be designed around them. This is exactly what many sensible users on here are asking for. 

Now, Contrarian-Led Path, don't wade beyond the shallow end of the pool, OK? Because you are clearly over your head.

Hehehe. Well played Curtis.

i'm sorry, but i cannot see that being a cyclist anywhere near compares to being a member of a truly oppressed minority.

But if you see yourself as oppressed. what do you propose to do about it?

I dunno about anybody else, but I've found drivers much more tolerant today than there were a few years ago.  They leave room, they often stop and wait.  They don't (often) lay on the horn.

Try taking a long tour outside the city in rural areas with small time.  They treat cyclists like strangers and kids. 

With a few rare exceptions, i've found drivers in the rural areas i ride to be pretty courteous- or at least more willing to give me room- they don't have the traffic pressures city drivers do so they tend to be less stressed out.


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