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Active Transportation Alliance - Chicagoland's voice for better biking, walking, and transit,

  [BREAKING] Ald. Burnett Announces First Protected Bike Lane on State Road

At Ceremony to Unveil Honorary Street Named for Bobby Cann, Alderman Says State Will Allow Protected Bike Lane on Clybourn Ave.

We wanted you to be the first to hear the big news.

After months of pressure from grassroots advocates like you, it’s been announced that protected bike lanes will be installed for the first time on a state-controlled roadway, Clybourn Ave.

        The announcement came from 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr. during a ceremony to unveil an honorary street named for Bobby Cann, a bicycling advocate who was killed in a crash on Clybourn Ave. in May of this year.

        As a state-controlled roadway, Clybourn Ave. was previously subject to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s ban on protected bike lanes.  But the tragic crash that claimed Bobby’s life also inspired an upwelling of grassroots voices calling for the state to change its  policies.

        Today, those efforts have paid off.

        Thank you for every letter you sent, each phone call you made, and all the public meetings you attended.  When we work together, we can make big things happen.

        We still have a long way to go to achieve our shared vision for safer and better streets for all.  But today be sure to take a moment to savor this victory, you’ve earned it.

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Does anyone know why Clybourn is a state-protected route? Are there other like-protected routes in the city (Elston, Lincoln?) Am curious why the state is involved in what appears to be a municipal matter. 

I ask the above because my understanding is that getting protected lanes is not as simple as lobbying the city. It seems there are other interested-parties that need to be aware or even authorize. I would like to start working on getting Elston established from Damen to Milwaukee the same way. We are almost there, but not quite. Maybe even get Damen done from say Lawrence down to Milwaukee.

States and the federal government have an interest in building and maintaining long-distance road networks.   They provide funding  for the maintenance and improvement of these roads but also dictate the roadway design.  Why is Clybourn state owned?  Probably for historical reasons that are no longer relevant.  Chicago could take jurisdiction of Clybourn if IDOT felt this route was now unimportant to its interests, but this could lead to a loss of funding.  So, its all a money issue.   There are many, many state-owned roads in Chicago.

Also, lol @ continuing to fuck up Elston while ignoring the genuine stress point at NB Elston and Ashland.  Keep PBL shit out of the northwest side.


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