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This in my e-mail from Active Trans:

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Active Transportation Alliance - Chicagoland's voice for better biking, walking, and transit,

  [BREAKING] Ald. Burnett Announces First Protected Bike Lane on State Road

At Ceremony to Unveil Honorary Street Named for Bobby Cann, Alderman Says State Will Allow Protected Bike Lane on Clybourn Ave.

We wanted you to be the first to hear the big news.

After months of pressure from grassroots advocates like you, it’s been announced that protected bike lanes will be installed for the first time on a state-controlled roadway, Clybourn Ave.

        The announcement came from 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr. during a ceremony to unveil an honorary street named for Bobby Cann, a bicycling advocate who was killed in a crash on Clybourn Ave. in May of this year.

        As a state-controlled roadway, Clybourn Ave. was previously subject to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s ban on protected bike lanes.  But the tragic crash that claimed Bobby’s life also inspired an upwelling of grassroots voices calling for the state to change its  policies.

        Today, those efforts have paid off.

        Thank you for every letter you sent, each phone call you made, and all the public meetings you attended.  When we work together, we can make big things happen.

        We still have a long way to go to achieve our shared vision for safer and better streets for all.  But today be sure to take a moment to savor this victory, you’ve earned it.

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Fantastic news. 


Man, the crazies sure do come out earlier and earlier. It's not even next winter yet!

???????--protected bike lanes are crazy? Active Trans is crazy? Passing along the story is crazy? Steve saying "hat" in French is crazy? Sean thinking this is good news is crazy?

Jennifer on the lake said:

Man, the crazies sure do come out earlier and earlier. It's not even next winter yet!

Oh good lord, I must have brain-farted and posted to the wrong thread.

Just stumbled across this article from the tribune.

As both a driver and a cyclist I think his observations are good. When I'm cycling I'm thinking about what drivers would do. I run red lights early in the morning when nobody is around. At rush hour I hold my lane at lights and move when I feel comfortable with drivers passing. And sometimes I've just screwed up and been fortunate.

Great so with all the cabbies that WILL park,drive in it now cyclists are forced into a smaller zone becoming even more dangerous. These "protected" bike lanes are not that, Dearborn, Kinzie not to mention in the Winter they're not maintained. BTW where are all the pylons going?

In the meantime northbound Clybourn has been fantastic. You basically have over 50% of the street to yourself from Division to Halsted. Southbound in the morning not so much fun. 

Chicago does not have any protected bike lanes at this time. Clybourn will be the first. I just hope pedestrians stay out of it. 

Chicago does not have any protected bike lanes at this time. Clybourn will be the first.

Not quite. Concrete barrier-protected lanes were installed through Douglas Park recently.

Any they are NICE but how long will the pavement be maintained as NEW and SMOOTH?

WE Slow rollers rode this last Sunday, Slow-Roll!

Ah I was not aware of that! Good to know. In general I just bristle a bit whenever I hear someone refer to the bollard separated bike lanes as protected. 

I think they are considered protected because parked cars separate the cyclists from moving cars.

Of course, the entrances to the lanes on Broadway in Uptown are often blocked by idling cars and nothing is ever done about it.


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