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A couple of really ignorant questions to which I probably should know the answers, but nope.

1) What's up with those bikes with that extra set of handlebars perpendicular to the regular handlebars, the ones that make the cyclist practically lie down in order to grab? Usually used by people all done up in their little stretchy bike outfits who think they're doing the Tour de France but it's really a busy public path...What's the point of those handlebars, and doesn't it make it more difficult to control the steering??

2) On my bike I have two gear shifts: one on the left with 3 gear positions, and one on the right with 7. Yeah, I should have asked years ago when I bought my bike, but today's economy, who has time? But...what's the purpose of each? TBH, I pretty much have the one on the left permanently set to 3, and of course the one on the right I'm constantly shifting depending on the situation...start off at 1 when I start pedaling and crank it up as I get rolling...

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I wear a jersey for my commute because pockets, and I almost never ride on trails.

Does that make me better or worse than Fred and Lance?

I wear one because I sweat obscenely, TBH...but man, the world does not need to see my fat @$$ in those pants...

Well, I can't deny the jealousy thing. :)

Thanks, Yasmeen. 

Yes, that lycra stuff can be super comfy, especially on long rides.

So true! I like wearing bike shorts under skirts and dresses too. :-)

Please give it a rest.

The question you did not ask, but is implied in your username is:
Do I need to come to a complete stop at every stop sign while riding my bike?
The answer is, depending on conditions and traffic, probably not. 


Confession: I actually did run a red light once near Wrigley Field...because, quite honestly, I was impatient, but there was nobody...but NOBODY....within miles! There was no way I or anybody else could possibly have gotten hurt unless I wiped out.

So yeah, I totally dig. On a bike you have a lot less blind spot, and it's definitely easier to see stuff farther away.

Hey, thanks for the responses, everybody! Kinda figured the answers were what you all told me, but glad I could get some confirmation...

(Next question: How is it that people who weigh about 1/4 what I weigh, riding really lightweight bikes much lighter than my heavy-@$$ hybrid, can effortlessly zip through raging wind at like 92mph, while the wind practically blows me ten feet to the side while I struggle to peddle in the lowest gear possible?)

To use a sailing metaphor, a difference in the amount of sail area greatly affects how much wind one catches.  That's part of the picture. Gearing and bike weight also make a difference. 

The aero bars are good for holding my back pack in the front.

I'm curious about those bikes with one gear, how do they stop? it looks like they're always pedaling.

I see them sometimes walking and the pedals it looks like an invisible person is riding it.



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