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Nice addition!  Vid from yesterday:

Anyone know when it is to be completed and how far north it will go? I think I heard Montrose. Currently it is from Belmont to Grace.

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Dang. I had no idea this existed. I normally ride Elston to California to Montrose. I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for posting.

because Facebook is yucky

Damn pedestrian at 1:35! LOL SMH

Seriously. I gave a "on your left" coming up, and he started moving left. Maybe he'd never heard the phrase before and thought I was asking him to move left? But why would anyone do that?

Try using a bell? Otherwise slow down so you don’t hurt a fellow human bean?

Why stop at Montrose? Why not continue to Lawrence or Argyle?

The path along the river could continue from Montrose north, along either the east or west side of the river. The path could join with the North Shore Channel Trail, which would continue all the way to Evanston where you could get on the Green Bay Trail and continue to Wisconsin. Part of this will already be joined by the Stone Bridge that will join the east and west side of the North Shore Channel Path between Lincoln and Devon.

The story I always hear is that the land along the river has been given to the homeowners by the Water Reclamation District.

I don't think we should accept this. The city could use Eminent Domain to get access to this section. Alternately, the city could build an elevated structure similar to part of the 312 River Run trail.

Northeastern Illinois University used the right to proclaim a large business area along Bryn Mawr. The section is now filled with empty buildings and offices and this will never be completed. Northeastern cannot fill the existing campus residence that was built.

Taking the land along the river by Eminent Domain would cost far less money than taking down all those businesses along Bryn Mawr. It would not take away the land and the homeowners would remain in place. The only question is about their access to the river. How many people would this affect? How much value would the property suffer by taking away the water rights?

All good questions Bob! I'm sure money, or lack thereof, is the main reason to stop at Montrose. I imagine most riders will use Manor Ave. to make connection between 312 RiverRun and N.Shore Channel Trail. That's my plan at least.

The only good parts of the Manor route is the pedestrian island in the middle of Montrose and Lawrence.

As far as being a "greenway" it isn't even included in most discussions on the subject of greenways.  It's a joke, no different than it was before when the city and the ATA were trying to sell this as a gift to cyclists.  Manor is narrow with "sharrows" in the center of the road.  The "sharrows" on Argyle are faded and invisible.

Until the river path is built in this section, I'd go over to California and 'salmon' when going north to join Manor. 

Respectfully disagree. I take the lane on Manor, there's usually little enough traffic, California is a poop show. Here's me going North from Belmont to Peterson where there's a new bridge being built back across to the West side of the River. I think this is a pretty decent connected trail.

I don't mind California so much, but Mozart, one street west of California, is a decent alternative for northbound riding.  I typically use it between Montrose and the Wilson/Manor intersection, so I don't have to salmon on that one-way section of California.  Plus you get to see one of the nicest looking houses in the city, at Mozart and Sunnyside.

Agree completely - why not continue it North of Montrose?

Where can I find a map of this, particularly with connections? I live nearby and would love to go ride it. Rode across Belmont the other day looking for it and couldn't see it.


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