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you know the drill.. if you can't find it, can't afford it, or can't imagine how you'll live without it - post it here.

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I love that green.  I've been thinking of having my blue LHT painted to something (anything) else.

you can't find it anywhere....

So, not sure if this goes in here... it's sort of a fantasy as I visualize things I want:

A garage attached to my house. Inside is my fleet of bikes. The bikes are in a thick cage in case someone breaks into the garage. A hand scanner identifies my body and opens the door to the cage where my fleet of bikes are stored (a code box could be used instead of a hand scanner, see pic below)

If any movement is registered without my hand scan (or correct code if that is the technology used), I'm notified via text, email and call. 

I guess a large mudroom would work too...

Beautiful bike, I'm jealous.

So beautiful. Congrats Michael!


Beautiful bike! Made by Waterford (I think), which makes it even more awesome for this former Wisconsinite. I have been feeling particularly strong that I need a Waterford frame in my life, maybe via Milwaukee Bicycle Co. N+1 bikes!!!

1960s Paramounts were built in Chicago.  Schwinn opened the Waterford plant in the early 1980s and it became Waterford Precision Cycles in 1993.  More history is on the Waterford site.  Indeed, a beautiful bike.

That's a beauty!


You have quite the appetite for fillet brazed steel! 

Which one did you ride to the Rainbow Beech? 

Thanks for the remedial lesson!  They are finely crafted mobile works of art. 

Building frames in any way possible. This titanium riveted frame was made as an artistic study by BME Design.



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