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I just saw this in The Guardian;

My condolences to the victim's families. And hopes for speedy recoveries to the injured.

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In this context, putting up a link to Planned Parenthood is in poor taste. Plus, they do a lot for women's health so that bums me out on two accounts. 

In general, in this country, being a car culture, the cyclist/bike rider is given too much responsibility in their safety and the driver too little. We don't hold our drivers accountable. We call them "accidents". We've built the roadways to be car-centric and not thought about the pedestrian and bike traffic. This all comes at a further cost of drivers being impatient with everyone - peds, bikes, other drivers that aren't speeding. 

Then they come with smart phones which makes their driving quite the opposite. And alcohol. And weed. 

Bike lanes are an attempt at fixing this issue but not adequate. There needs to be safe space on the roads and space in everyone's hearts to consider the human lives on two wheels. A change in our culture comes with education. In schools, in driving rules of the roads, in billboards, messaging online and off, etc. Everywhere. We throw money at all kinds of bad, stupid things (arms budget anyone), why not throw it at something that is green, positive, and about safety? I know, this won't happen with Cheeto but we really should keep voting towards candidates that are on point with these issues. Ok, that's my morning soap box. Frankly, I am so tired of my daily lack of bike lanes/infrastructure, impatient motorists, and pedestrians that walk in front of me. Coupled with a winter that's outstayed its welcome, getting on my bike to go home meets with a daily irritation I am not used to feeling.


Me gusta.

A few years ago I got a ticket, while driving, and opted for the 4 hour driving class. At the end of the class the instructor asked if anyone had any questions or anything to add. I brought up the fact that bicycles in traffic and how the rules of the road apply to them wasn't covered and that maybe they should be.

"Okay, any other questions" was his response.

Ain't nothin' gonna change soon.

Way to burst a bubble bud. Still I'm impressed that they built segments of thoughtful bike lane infrastructure like Washington in downtown.

Las cucarachas entraron al avión, y cuando llegaron a Tenalzingo, se fueron a Parangaricutirimicuaro. El Chavo Del Ocho es un comediante.

La sopa de fideos es la mejor.

los charales con sal y limón... ¡exquisitos! 

Por favor y gracias.

"The cockroaches entered the plane and when they reached Tenalzingo they then decided to visit the village of San Juan Parangaricutirimicuaro. The guy from Eight is a comedian. The noodle soup is the best. The Charales (small fish native to Mexico) with salt and lemon . . . is exquisite!"

I'd like to add that the most interesting thing I learned about this was that New Orleans calls the median the "neutral ground"



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