18-year-old bicyclist in critical condition after Lincolnwood crash

The bicyclist was heading eastbound on Pratt Avenue and tried to cross McCormick Boulevard against a red light about 8:30 p.m. when she was struck by an SUV.She was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston in critical condition.

“The bicyclist was dressed in dark clothing in dark conditions with limited artificial lighting,” police said.


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Sad. I used to cross there on my commute to work when I rode to Skokie. That's a busy road and there is a crossing light. I wish every cyclist that rides at night was equipped with lights. I don't know if I have gone through there at night so it's hard to speak to the street lighting. Just really sad. I hope she recovers. 

Very sad.

When I lived in Rogers Park, I used to cross there at times. The street lights aren't closely spaced. I don't recall how bright it is by that intersection at night.

I wonder if the cyclist got impatient after pushing the beg button or simply didn't see it.  Traffic often moves very fast on McCormick. Sometimes traffic is sparse and the crossing looks clear, then a car zooms up going 40-45 mph and it seems like it came out of nowhere. Wonder if that happened to her.

I hope so, too.

Actually St. Francis is a Level 1 trauma center, so unfortunately that's not reason for optimism.

I know they treat gunshot victims and other folks who have suffered serious trauma.

McCorrmick and Pratt is not too dark but certainly not bright. I often cross Pratt at East Prairie and it is darker t.here. . Traffic on McCormick moves very fast.  I hope she is ok

Is McCormick as wide as it is at Oakton and Touhy? If so I can see it taking a while to get across the street and from what they say she was going eastbound.  So sad, I hope she has a full recovery. Same with the driver.

It's 2 lanes in each direction there. 



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