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Been riding since April 1976.  Now at 99,902 miles.  90% of this on Lake Front Trail.  Is there anyone out there also approaching this milestone?  Would like to communicate.

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No, but I've probably got about 40-50k since I moved to Chicago in 2008 so if I give myself 43 years at that rate I'll be doing pretty well! :)

I'll bet you have great stories! Jonathan.  Best moment on the LFT, worst moment, most noteworthy thing you'd ever seen?  Owls, coyotes, cops and robbers, crazy bikes, horses and such? 

I've only been riding regular on the LFP for 11 years, but in that time I've seen all sorts of stuff from Obama's motorcade to Kanye and NIN performing at lollalalooza to more than one person ending up in the lake in winter, including one person who drowned. Cormorants and carp, fighter jets and pleasure boats, speedo-sporting swimmers in November and ice sheets discovered too late and taking me down hard. It's quite an adventurous route to take if you're lucky, or unlucky, depending on the adventure.

Man, you people are truly titans of biking! A tip of the helmet to all of you!

I'm surprised that you have been able to keep track.  I never even thought about mileage previous to weekly rides with a group of racers in the early 90s.  I kept track of my mileage pretty closely for 8 or 9 years after that.  I was at 28,000 circa 2000.  Didn't keep track at all for the next ten years, when I began mapping rides on MMR and RWGPS.  Still doubt I have half of your total.  100,000 is  very impressive.

Any relation to the pinball Gottliebs?  Can I get my quarters back?


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