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Would you buy this as a 2nd , 3rd bike ,, where would you use it ?

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I don't think so, especially not for $600. 

Maybe if I was in the market for a folding bike I would consider it, it looks kind of fun, but probably tiring, too.

Yesterday I had to do a pretty hard stop to avoid a car turning into my path, and I thought, "Geez, I wish this crummy old safety bicycle would allow me to savagely head-butt that SUV... or anybody else who makes me come to a sudden stop!"  I've already submitted my pre-order.

Agreed. Not sure if it's the sweet spot or the dead zone.  it is intriguing. It is more than a scooter and less than a bike. It would be fun to take few miles to the train in the morning. However, MK's comment goes a long way as does yours that it is a bit much to lug around. I have been assured by my adult daughters that an adult scooter is dorkworthy. I guess that is why you compare to a longboard which carries no such baggage. Still, a scooter at about $250 would be kind of fun for a mile or two and relatively easy to lug around. At $600 You can start thinking of a low end folding bike.  At  $300 I think this contraption might be in the sweet spot but at $600 it looks like an indulgence  compared to better options with either less cost or more utility.

I don't know. I think 300$ is still too steep. The long boarders want cheap and quick. Take the deck out from the pack and roll. This thing reminded me more of elliptigo or motorized scooter crowd.

What are you talking about?  I don't see a picture or a description of this wheeled object.

just imagine the coolest, swooshing-est thing EVER!!!  Or click the link  :)


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