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Jerome McDonnell has been a *huge* supporter of cyclists for many, many years. So between that and the fact Worldview is an awesome program, I thought folks might want to know about this:

Dear friends of fair trade: 
I am  writing re: WBEZ's  recent announcement that they plan on cancelling Worldview in October--a huge blow to fair trade. Jerome McDonnell and Steve Bynum, Worldview's host and senior producer, have been huge supporters of fair trade and of Chicago Fair Trade since our inception. Over the years, they have interviewed dozens of fair trade business owners (including many CFT business members), artisans, and farmers. Worldview has given fair traders a voice that has reached tens of thousands of listeners. 
CFT is part of a  Save Worldview campaign  that is launching today and we need your help! 
  • Instagram:  save.worldview and #saveworldview
  • Twitter:  @saveworldview
  • Email a testimonial of why you love Worldview along with a photo of yourself. 

Please share information about this campaign far and wide!

  • Forward this emails to others
  • Join the FB group and invite others. 
  • Follow on Instagram and Twitter encourage others to follow 
  • Send an email blast to any groups you are a part of-we are seeking more institutional endorsements. To learn more or to endorse, send us an email. 

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I love Worldview. This bums me out. Save Worldview! Jerome McDonnell is a great host!


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