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Biking east on washington at about 810am, approaching lasalle. I see that I have the light and about 12 seconds to make it, and was on pace to cross lasalle going east.

A cyclist in front of me (also going east) got hit by a black BMW going south (which either made an illegal right turn where there's a no right turn sign or had eaten the light. I hung a right and saw the BMW caught at the next light and took this picture. Then went back and gave the photo to the cyclist, who was banged up, but grateful for the photo. I hope they catch this driver.

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Biking west on Washington, or east?

Ah! Typo. Fixed, thanks!

Outstanding!  That's how to catch a hit and driver; with help from the community.

Thanks Brendan. I also let the cyclist know I'd post about it on the Chainlink. I hope he let's us know if he has any luck with pressing charges on the driver (presumably he's going to call the police).

Hooray, VW ! Excellent job ! Community !!!

Thanks Tom! I had a hunch that the driver wouldn't be able to get away too quickly and easily in downtown traffic. I kinda wish I had pulled up to his side and got some pics of his or her face too. And sorry for not embedding the photo. I can do it later when I have some wifi access.

You did good enough with the plate pic VW. A face pic might've made you a target of another hit-and-run or worse. Again, way to go V !

Typical BMW driver. Kinda like the one who got a rock thrown through the window a few days back.

Correct Ernesto, car type may not matter but the attitude of the driver might.

Like I said typical BMW owner, getting all defensive now. "The ultimate drive everyone crazy machine."

"It's official: The fancier the car, the more likely the driver's a jerk"

This type of thinking is not helpful.  How is it any different than the "typical biker, thinking they're above the law" type comments?

It's a two-way street, keep stereotyping them and they'll keep stereotyping us.  A jerk is a jerk, no matter what type of vehicle they operate (including bikes).


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