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Biking east on washington at about 810am, approaching lasalle. I see that I have the light and about 12 seconds to make it, and was on pace to cross lasalle going east.

A cyclist in front of me (also going east) got hit by a black BMW going south (which either made an illegal right turn where there's a no right turn sign or had eaten the light. I hung a right and saw the BMW caught at the next light and took this picture. Then went back and gave the photo to the cyclist, who was banged up, but grateful for the photo. I hope they catch this driver.

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Thank you. 

It seems to be a shame in today's social media to dare to reveal some 'non-typical' behavior and have to delete it because there is a 'stereotype' against it. I just hate any type of 'jerk' drivers. . . .

Ok, so thinking about this today. From a cyclist perspective, any car could potentially be dangerous so maybe it isn't helpful to share that study. Both of my sibs drive luxury vehicles and as fellow cyclists, they are also respectful drivers so I do see your point. When I see a bad driver with a luxury car, I must admit it does elicit frustration - do they think they are entitled to drive poorly and put my life at risk? Right or wrong, it does elicit a negative reaction.

From the article you linked to:

Ultimately, it may be simplistic to correlate a fine ride with a bad attitude, says John Maxwell, a former chief inspector with the Philadelphia Police Department who spent a few years working accident investigations.

“I never saw entitlement play a part in fatal or serious accidents,” he says. “And I hate generalizing that fancy-car drivers make up the rules as they go.”

that would have been pretty amazing---keep a rock in your pannier...

ugh. Let's not. Please. 

Please DON'T. Colossally bad idea.

Thanks for doing that. This kind of help can make a big difference in holding hit and run drivers (and their insurance companies) responsible for their actions.

Quick thinking! Thanks for helping the cyclist.

Thank you for writing this up, VW. I'm the cyclist who was hit, and here's an update. I called CPD who said I need to come to a district station to report it within ten days. I'm planning to go later today. I'm also planning to get my bike and me checked out, feeling pretty sore on the side I fell on but grateful for avoiding worse harm. Thanks again VW and this community for your support.

Welcome to The Chainlink Jon! Sorry for the circumstances that brought you here.

So sorry to hear what happened to you. Any chance you can have a doctor check you out just in case? I hope your bike is ok. Good to hear you are following up with the CPD. There are also lawyers that specialize in working with cyclists if you need help. Take care.


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