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Wasn't sure where one could make a City bike lane suggestion.  I left it with Chicago Complete Streets site.  I wrote:

Hi. Where can one ask the City to consider a bike lane suggestion? Basically, Damen running north from Fullerton to Diversey has a bike lane that ends fifty yards from Diversey. This tempts cars to cut bikes off by driving really close to the curb. I've seen four accidents already in three years where bikes were clipped by cars, where they tended to fall over onto the sidewalk. This would be avoided if the bike lane continued right up to Diversey. Thank you for considering this.

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A clearly marked bike lane is needed here. Can Bike Lane Uprising help with this?

I'm not sure it would solve much. There's a bus stop at the corner, so you'd still have to deal with buses, and cars making right turns on to Diversey and Clybourn. There's a left turn lanes there, so to have a full bike lane they'd have to pinch it down to one through traffic lane, which would likely cause backups. Either that, or the cars would go ahead and use the bike lane as a right turn queue. I've seen that happen in other places, e.g. Orleans at Hubbard.

Emailing the alderman doesn't hurt. This is in Scott Waguespack's ward and his office is just a block away:

2657 North Clybourn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614
TEL (773) 248-1330

Both Diversey and Clybourn should have curb protected bike lanes in this area. Damen should have curb protected lanes approaching the intersections.

Thanks for your replies.  I'll send to alderman for sure.  Yes, it would be okay if right lane car turners obstructed that lane as we'd almost have arrived, like the lane at Damen and North facing north.   As we approach Diversey we find ourselves squeezing in between car lanes and that part of the road has a strange bubble in it too.  The only other solution is lifting our bikes onto the sidewalk when the lane ends.  I do realize we could just go behind the car ahead of us at that point and not necessarily have to get ahead, but I think a lane would be safer -  this part of the Damen route always makes me nervous.   

Attend the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Council meeting tomorrow, 6/6

Find out who your community rep is; maybe they can help twist arms.


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