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When will the Trail Separation project be completed?

So my girlfriend just informed me that she was in a bike-on-bike accident on the Lakefront Trail at Belmont. It's an area where separation has occurred and lines have been painted. But the old lines still exist and there is no transition from old to new lines, nor direction for pedestrians and bikers on which lanes to choose.

This area has bugged the crap out of me for a long while now. A couple of weeks ago, I honestly seriously considered creating my own stencils and bringing some paint out there and doing it myself.

So, anybody know when it's going to be finished? Or is this going to need to be a DIY project?

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john, i admire your self-confidence. i could never be so sure if i weren't even there.

i also hope you never need to leave a ride in an ambulance, and if you do, no one calls you clumsy.

Agree bobweiser!  John, the barrels had nothing to do with the rider going off the path but they had everything to do with the accident and it would not have happened without the barrels there.  But I'm just an eye witness and was directly behind the rider so what do I know?

Yesterday morning - of all days I didn't carry the camera with me on the bike...

Runner turns on opposite side of path without looking. Rider tried hard to avoid her. Rider almost pummels on to me. Runner looks embarrassed. Rider made up colorful language. I almost got hit head on by carelessness. 

ernesto, i guess you were only "almost" clumsy. i'm glad you're ok.

I was on legit side of bike trail. Guy cyclist was riding too fast also. He went on my lane and almost crashed on to me. I was here:

got it, you were almost clumsy on the legit side.

How so? I was riding at low speed, not intending to pass anyone. 

Bob, for what it's worth, my compassion is fairly healthy. And at risk of putting too fine a point on it, I didn't call the cyclist "clumsy", I suggested that it was a clumsy attempt at passing if these barrels (off the path) were in play. I would feel the same way if I were the crasher. You make it sound like I was taunting them as they were being carted off!

Clumsy it is.

Like a "car" road. If you can pass safely, do it. If you can't due to oncoming traffic, then the passer is an asshole. See it so often now, the people who think they can pass safely, but instead, it's all about ego. 

The temporary south access to the Flyover has has gotten very congested in the afternoon.  I was patiently waiting my turn behind runners and cyclists to enter yesterday, when another runner edges past me on the left in the space that I left in case someone was approaching on the other side of that blind intersection.  The space was so narrow he couldn't pass me without making contact.  A real dick move!

I have a bell. I just yell. 

Cyclists on places like the LFP seem much more unaware, as a group, than drivers that it is incumbent on the person making a pass to do so safely, and to *not* do so until they can do so safely. 


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