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When one door opens...thank you to the Cyclist who stopped

Yup...that happened.  Blasting along just north of the LFT this morning.  Watching the ground for ice when the car door opened. 15feet later with a couple of bruises I got a real good look at the pavement 

thank you to the two cyclists who stopped, delt with the driver and checked if I was okay....and really checked, not just riding on adrenaline 

you make the world better.  Thank you.  I am.  I got lucky.  Nothing some ice isn’t fixing

be careful out there everyone, and do stop to help


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Yikes! careful!

I'm glad that it wasn't worse and that people stopped to help.

Good to see people concerned enough to stop and help after winning such a door prize. My biggest fear are door prizes and getting hit from behind :P

Yeh I always thought I would be able to avoid it...I was wrong...even riding on the far left side of the bike lane

contributing factors.(1) car was parked off curb with driver side wheels fully in the lane (2) first car after the intersection so I was still processing the exchange through the intersection (3) spots of sheet ice were keeping some of my attention (4) when the door started to open and I started to dodge out of the way the driver suddenly opened the door all the way as a reaction to my sudden presence.

I count myself very lucky to have been able to ride today after only a few days rest 

Yes, very lucky indeed considering the perfect storm of circumstances.

The cyclists who stopped were absolute champs...

took all the cab info and kept the driver there until I recovered enough to confirm I was truly okay.

phones out, pictures taken and ready to call an ambulance if I needed it.  This was experienced and trained ‘lifers’ taking care of business.  Just a reminder if you see something, stop to help.



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