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Pet peeves are killin' it (of course). Does everyone feel a little better getting it off their chest with a little fellow cyclist venting? 

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Ok, here there are some things I LOVE about cyclists - 

  • There are some incredibly polite, kind cyclists that will stop to help you with a flat, behave politely at a stop, and call out obstacles, etc. they see on the road to help you when you are behind them. 
  • The bike community. Seeing friends on the road and how excited people are to yell out to say hi and if there's time, catch up. Such a friendly group of people.
  • I LOVE watching the graceful ballet of a bike messenger or other highly-skilled cyclist negotiating their way through traffic, intersections, other cyclists, etc. To me, it's a thing of beauty. 

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Good ones.

I like seeing parents cargo-ing their kids. Would that all parents did the same!

When you get your ass run over by a car, having other bikers around makes a HUGE difference. If you've had it both ways then you know how important that support is.

The amount of people that ask if I need help when I'm having a malfunction is always heart warming.

Cyclists that are patient and watch out for others are great to ride with.

And, by using lights at night you demonstrate an obviously superior intellect and make me want to be your friend.

The cycling community is filled with lovely people that are always willing to help you out. I have made more friends cycling in the last few years than I have had in my whole life. I love you bicycle friends!!

I love that my fellow cyclists are not polluting the city and endangering lives by getting behind the wheel. XD

Having someone to talk to about cycling!

Having someone to go cycling with you!

Two things come to mind:

- Had a really nasty wipeout on the LFT in February. Patch of ice on the curve by Michigan Ave. A nearby jogger came over and made sure I was okay. My bike was screwed up; couldn't straighten out the axel and ergo couldn't really walk it or anything. A passing cyclist was kind enough to stop and help me get things straightened out, and then helped me figure out why I couldn't get the brake cable engaged again.

- Almost every time I'm out on my bike I get compliments on my "license plate". :)

LOVE the license plate.  "We are out of BORT license plates in the gift shop...repeat, we need more BORT license plates!"

Always thought if I got a vanity plate on a car that would be it, but I'm sure it's taken.

this one is entirely superficial, but I like seeing people in dresses and suits and fancy clothes on bikes. makes biking seem practical and glamorous, and nothing accessorizes a sweet outfit like a bike. even divvies can look cool when someone all snazzy is riding one, and with stepthroughs and chain guards and adjustable seat heights, anything is possible! 

By and  large  we care  about each other  and are aware that  other  cyclists are vulnerable.   When I was doored a couple years ago I  recall I had been  riding  in  front  of a guy with  a milk crate  on  his rear  rack.  I remember  that Milk Crate got off his bike and  kept an eye on me  as I spoke with the  young lady who had  opened her door. He  waited  until he sized up that I  was ok, was  getting  back on my bike and signaled  to him that  I would be able to  get home on my bike. He  and  I were and  are  strangers but we were riding  companions for a couple miles and  fellow travelers when I hit the pavement.

Being that I live in northwest Indiana, I don't get the chance to ride in Chicago much anymore (I did when I lived in the area), but when I do, I always appreciate having cyclists stop and ask, or call out, if I need any help when I have an issue with my bike. Don't get much of that where I live nowadays. I'll always stop and inquire, but in my neck of the woods, I'm the exception rather than the rule.


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