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I've been looking for a picture of my first bike for ages and finally found it. It was a 1976 Huffy, "Star Spangler". My brother had the boy version and we rode them constantly. This bike made me so happy as a kid. ‪#‎bikelove‬ 
What was your first bike?

1976 Huffy, "Star Spangler"

You can see the bike to the right. That's me with my brother, we are not being very patient about mom taking our picture.

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  an early 50's Schwinn,bought for $3 in 1958,  that I still have, frame only.

Sadly, no pictures can be found. The first bike I can remember was a Red Schwinn Sting Ray with a sissy bar. A number of kids in our neighborhood had similar bikes. We thought we were Peter Fonda  and Dennis  Hopper in Easy Rider when we rode down the street on those bikes. We would slam on the brakes to make big skid marks with the slick rear tire.  We never understood why kids would get the Kart bikes which were five speed versions of the Sting Ray. They had a big shifter handle  on the top tube that was inconveniently located to place the prospect of puberty for an 11 year old boy in great peril.

20" Bikes - Schwinn/Sears/Huffy. Before the Stingrays came out. Rode it and traveled everywhere, far & wide with my friends. We were like gypsies. Kids are not allowed to do this anymore in our social environment.

Found this picture, I think its from 82-83.  Not sure what the bike is, but I haven't been without a bike since. 

I love everything about this picture - puppies and bikes are the best!

This was my first with pneumatic tires.  Of course I rode tricycles first, then a hard-rubber-tired 2-wheeler that looked like a little dirtbike.  This was the one I learned to actually ride on (without training wheels).  My little brother learned to ride on it too.  This thing is incredibly still hanging in my parents' garage, along with a bunch of other bikes from my youth.  I never realized it before, but when I took this pic I noticed that it has cottered cranks and a Euro bottom bracket!

Yes, the pic is upside down, the bike is actually hanging from the ceiling :)

I am almost certain it was one of these:

For Christmas some time in the mid sixties I received a 26" bike that looked like that and my younger sister received the 24".  Looking at those prices, I know that my parents had to have worked really hard to come up with the money for those bikes.

Yep. $39.95 ! Flamboyant Blue ! Slim-line tank?

Dad bought me an Austrian-made J. C. Higgins 20" boy's bike.

I had a Roadmaster BMX from Venture. I rode that thing until I destroyed it. I used to "endo" by jamming my foot into the fork. Many concrete face plants followed.

In 1947 on my 10th birthday, my dad built or maybe rebuilt the attached bike for me.  The logo on the front tube read "Peerless".  Anyone heard of a Peerless bike??



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