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Share your pics, videos, streets, stories of what you find in the bike lane of the non-bike variety that has an impact on your ride and/or your safety. I've decided to keep it a little more open ended - cars, snow, buses, garbage, cabs, etc. If they shouldn't be in the bike lane, go ahead and add it to this thread. Please be safe if you are taking pics or video! :-) 

My hope is that we can collectively build some evidence of what we see when riding in the city with the overall hope of better enforcement of "bikes only" and improving maintenance. 

Update: More Hashtags to Capture Vehicles in the Bike Lane

With popular hashtags:

#LaneSpreading (Chicago Bike Selling)

#ClearTheWay (ActiveTrans), there are many options to capture violations.

We think you should use ALL of them AND post your photos on The Chainlink. ;-)

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woot! Thank you!

(be careful out there, there are crazies.)

168 N Wells St. 311 report submitted.

225 N Franklin St. Where else? 311 reports submitted.

Does this count? yesterday's commute, busy with tourists, this guy decides to stop to let out his passengers. Captured it with GoPro. 

Could I ask a small favor? Given that this is Chicago, where ballot stuffing and voting early and often is in our DNA, could you put in a 311 request (type: Bicycle Program, request: Bike Lane Request, address: 225 N Franklin Street) asking that the bike lane be repainted on Franklin St between Lake and Wacker? The markings are visible, but just barely. The stretch appears to be a shared lane, but stopping in it is still illegal:

"The driver of a vehicle shall not stand or park the vehicle upon any lane designated by pavement markings for the shared use of motor vehicles and bicycles, or place the vehicle in such a manner as to impede bicycle traffic on such lane; "

I've documented over 50 violations in this one block stretch alone, and I'm certain that the poor lane markings are a contributing factor. They've repainted Franklin from Jackson to Randolph, and from the Chicago River to Hubbard, so I have no idea why they skipped this small stretch.


30 S Wells St. 311 report submitted.

225 N Franklin St. 311 reports submitted.

The Desplaines bike lane is useless and this fire department station knows it.

That's the station where a male firefighter got into a physical altercation with a female cyclist.

That is the impression I got when I stopped to take photos. A total Bro club.

On the plus side, they did save my life when I was biking home and was hit and then drug down the street by a Ford Excursion who blew a red light.  So, I'm gonna give them a pass.

Too much to ask for them to park it 10 feet towards the centerline?


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