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What Kind of Riding/Adventure Are You Most Looking Forward To When It Warms Up?

Sure, it's snowy and cold out but let's flash forward to a warmer month, green trees, warm weather and your bike... what would you do? Mountain bike? Road bike up to Highland? Pedal to Wisconsin? Ride the Lakefront Trail to Indiana? 

#BikeChi is the best, especially in the spring/summer/fall 

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Beautiful. *sigh*


I am looking forward to my group rides, and then some adventures including:

- Milwaukee roundtrip

- Horribly Hilly Hundreds

- Exploring some more places and new routes around Chicagoland, ideally on road and gravel 

This summer I will ride from my home near Wrigley Field to the Indiana Dunes. It will be my biggest bicycle adventure yet.

Bon voyage! Will be a great ride.

18th Street Brewing in Hammond, IN is a cool place to stop that I think is often overshadowed by 3 Floyd's in Munster. 18th Street is closer to your bike route to the Dunes I think.

Do you have a recommended route there?

Have you ridden to the Dunes or Munster before, and are just interested how to get to 18th Street Brewing, or are you looking for a route to 18th Street Brewing from Chicago?

I've ridden to Munster once.  I do know how to get to the Wolf Lake area.  I'm mainly interested in the final approach, say from Wolf Lake on.


From the Wolf Lake Trail, you can use Sheffield Ave to connect with the Marquette Greenway. The Google Street View for this stretch looks somewhat inhospitable, but the images are from 2013; my recollection from last year is it was fine. I may have taken the sidewalk. It's just a short stretch on Sheffield.

The Marquette Greenway will take you as far as 142nd, which is a low-stress street you can use to jog over to Johnson, which is also low-stress and will take you south over the river and train tracks. To my memory there was virtually no traffic on the Saturday morning I did the ride.

Once south of the river/tracks, head west on Douglas a few blocks to 18th Street Brewing.

Happy riding! :)

Thanks for the great info!

For Wolf Lake to the Dunes, here's route I've used several times. Mostly all nicely paved trails!


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