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What Are Your Favorite Chicago-Area Bike Lanes, Paths & Routes?

Ok, now that we've been exploring the routes we avoid in the "Dreaded Bike-Unfriendly Streets", what are routes you prefer to take? Whether you are commuting, going for a weekend bike ride, or just heading to the grocery store, do you have some favorite bike routes?

The Mellow Chicago Bike Map Updated 6/20/18 - Collaboration of The Chainlink & Streetsblog

John gives a great recap of everything we've recommended in his article. Definitely worth a read!

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Lights at Diversey, Belmont, Addison and Grace/Lincoln. Four way stops at other intersections.

North of Grace, Leavitt is another good alternative to Damen, as long as you're heading north. Otherwise, use Ravenswood.

The extension of the North Branch to Foster is almost complete, from the times I've gone by there on Foster. Only thing that needs to be done is to pave the path between Forest Glen Ave. and Foster, and of course stripe the trail.

Leavitt is a more stress-free alternative to Damen whenever I'm in the Ravenswood neighborhood.

Leavitt is great, if only it went further!

Leavitt is great northbound from Clybourn to Balmoral.  Wish there was a curb cut in the cul-de-sac at Montrose.

What Carter said, if it only went further. :) Usually I use Ravenswood, since it's more continuous of a street vs. Leavitt. Though I have used Leavitt, at times.

There's a little path going from Belmont West of the river winds around to Barry and California.
The Loyola area then an alley to Pratt beach.
The crushed stone trail from Montrose along the lake.
The 606 on a weekday during the day.

Do you mean the path that heads north of Belmont on the west side of river?

I'm assuming Mike meant that path north of Belmont that goes along the west side of the river, to the east end of Roscoe. Right by WMS'(formerly Williams) headquarters, and where Cafe Tola(former Franks Meats Patty, and of course former Hot Doug's) is located.

Right, I've never taken it as I thought it was private, but it is probably a good "secret squirrel" kind of route. California is a great street.

It is NOT private but was built in such a way by the condos to suggest it is and to discourage its use.  There are boat docks with "Keep Out" signs but are never locked.  This is public land along the river.  Anybody can use the boat landing as well.

The downside (perhaps intended) is that there is no curb cut from Belmont to get to the path. You need to either jump the curb or ride on the sidewalk.

 Thanks - the Chicago River has a very complicated history of "riparian rights," I assumed the development had those.  I learn something every day...!


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