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Ok, another year has passed, more miles have been put on my bike. It's Thanksgiving time which is such a good time to think about what we are all most thankful for... 

I put in nearly one year of living bike-only. Sure, my mechanic scolded me for neglecting my car but I began to view Chicago from the perspective of being on two-wheels. It was a most lovely year. 

Now that I'm in D.C. and compare it to Chicago? I'm super grateful for the extensive infrastructure in my favorite Midwestern city. Being in D.C., I see so many cyclists every day riding in between lanes/cars. Being put in situations that I never dealt with in Chicago. One of my first rides on the street, following Google maps bike route, I pretty nearly got smushed by an SUV that was entirely unpredictable in a way I couldn't anticipate. I really feel a deep appreciation for all of the work bike advocacy e.g. Active Trans, Ride Illinois, etc. have done. I now feel Chicago deserved a #1 friendliest bike city. Sure, we have neighborhoods and drivers that put our city in a "needs improvement" but boy do I miss those Chicago bike lanes. 

Ok, so what are you most thankful for?

It can be a piece of gear, your commute, a sunny day, local bike shop, favorite bike, your favorite ride/century/race. Anything is game!

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Thankful for snow thinning out the crowds in the trails and getting rid of all the bugs, specially when camping :) Looking forward to it, finally. 

 I have had a string of bad luck recently, but I am thankful for my friends (new and old), health and all of my adventures this year.

It's been nearly a year since I decided to ditch the CTA, and start using Divvy for my morning and afternoon commutes. Frankly, I'm thankful for simply being alive. I've had more close calls with crazy drivers and pedestrians than I can count. While the bike infrastructure is better than in most cities, it certainly has a ways to go.

The worst part is the lack of enforcement against stopping/standing/parking in the bike lanes. I feel like Don Quixote tilting at windmills. I've submitted over 250 311 reports since April, and nothing feels like it has changed, or will change.

Thanks for submitting over 250 reports. I'm grateful people you took the time out of your day to report issues. I agree with you - Chicago does have a long way to go with accepting cyclists, enforcement, and respecting the bike lanes.

I'm thankful for good health and the many, many great bike trails in the area, from the Prairie Path to the 606. This is a great place to ride a bicycle. Even in the winter, sometimes.

Also, shout-out to Basil and Kyle at Spokes for keeping the fleet in tip-top shape. Usually by undoing my clumsy repair mistakes ;-)

The Chainlink!

awwww, thanks :-)

I'm thankful for all the bicycle infrastructure Chicago has installed since I began riding in 2011. I hope the momentum continues and we get more Chicagoans to start cycling!

I'm also thankful for the Chainlink, a great place for cycling Chicagoans to communicate.

so nice! Thank you! :-)

1. The First Amendment protecting freedom of speech  and  freedom of the press.

2. Waterproof  breathable  gloves. How did I  go all these years without  them?

I'm thankful for Craigslist.  It has allowed me to buy some reasonably priced, but decent quality, bikes and bike parts that have given me joy over the many years.  

Good one. :) This has been a fun thread!



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