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"An existing westbound bike lane on Madison has been removed, and it will be replaced by a new westbound protected lane on Randolph, after a construction project is finished at Block 37." Streetsblog (emphasis added).

And in the meantime????? 

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From Dearborn I ride up against the flow of traffic for just a block up on Lake and head down to Lower Wacker from the down ramp on the right side of Lake street. From there I head west on the service rode all the way to Post place on the left and exit back onto Lake and make a right out of the loop with the option of going north on Orleans.

To clarify, both Lake and the service road on Lower Wacker are one-ways going east.


I take Randolph west most days.  There are so many red lights between Michigan and 90/94 that I'm mostly just passing stopped cars during regular commute times.

Why, no one rides bikes in the winter, silly

Leaving the Christkindlmarket yesterday (Sunday), I just rode west on Madison in the bus lane. Not sure if that would be feasible during heavy rush hour traffic though. 

I do it all the time. One  must exhibit care but it works.

I take Van Buren west to Paulina when I'm working south in the Loop and it's pretty good most days, less busy than Randolph during rush hour.
I take Madison anyway. It feels very unaccommodating, but I do it anyway. Maybe it's my silent subconscious protest against the implied message that bikes don't belong here.
Madison (in left lanes) to Des Plaines to Monroe W is the safest westbound route out of the Loop
So does anyone know the story on the new lanes along Randolph? They look pretty great but they're all blocked by big orange drums... Waiting for green paint to go on special, or...?

i know!! what's up with that? i've been sort of riding in them anyway - but there's spots you really can't get through.

 have to say, though, I LOVE the sidewalk routing under the train tracks at canal...

Then we get dumped into traffic trying to get to the expressway on the other side of the tracks if one is trying a straight shot down restaurant row.

yeah - that part is not so great. 

almost as bad as the fact that if you  turn south onto Clinton after the tracks, the protected bike lane ends at Van Buren and picks up again across the intersection, but on the other side of the street.

networks shmetworks...



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