I. Just. Can't.

Condolences to the family for their tragic loss.

The next time you're blocked in the bike lane remember Lily Grace.

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This has become an epidemic. I have noticed many  vehicles  in  bikes lanes in recent weeks. I try to be patient and try to be aware but could just as easily be lying on the pavement no matter what I do.  In  an era of open carry I have no desire to engage in  a  hostile manner, but am seething when I see a car parked in the bike lane because somebody was being dropped off or picked up  or a delivery vehicle doing what  delivery vehicles do or seeing a large  commercial vehicle taking the entire street or seeing that guy racing past everybody  on  the right and  travelling  right through the  bike  lane. All  I  can  say is I am finding a mirror, a bell, a growl  and the willingness to stop as vital  tools on my commute.

Bike lane blockages really have become a dangerous plague. I wish that more people in city government were taking this seriously.

It is the worst

It is still the worst.

What is frustrating is that all the words the mayor said are proving hollow as no work has begun on the projects she referenced Lily in.


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