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So much going on. So much to care about. And we have 2-wheeled magical machines to get us to the polls. Bring a lock. Celebrate afterwards with ice cream...

Do it! 

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You are so right.  I beat on my young friends all the time to get out and vote.  Unfortunately, in Illinois it is, and has always been in the almost forty years I've been here, a choice between bad and even worse.  Pritzker and Rauner.  I mean, how putrid is that?  Rauner bought the last election and Pritzker is going to outbid him for this one.  Yet, it's still important to vote, because as soiled as America is, especially right now, voting still counts, big time.   

Heh, with Rauner we had no budget, with Pritzker, we'll have no toilets. Hard to say which is worse. I certainly don't want to live in a sh!t hole, flyover state.

Here in Chicago, after a voter completes their ballot, we(election judges) are instructed to thank them for voting, award them with their snazzy 'I Voted!' wristband, (not a mere paper sticker) then say, 'see you for the next election, the Chicago Mayoral/Aldermanic election on February 26, 2019!'

I would love to have ice cream on election day but they mostly bring us coffee and donuts in the morning and sandwiches and pizza in the afternoon. 

Yes, vote !

Tom A.K. pic / 2016

Use to see exactly which races will be on your ballot.

Also, don't forget the judges!

The last time voters removed a sitting judge was 1990. This is largely because Cook County voters have no idea how to vote on them, so they either vote "yes" for everyone, or just leave the judges section blank. 

Very powerful article:

They say demographics is destiny and I always had faith in that presumed inevitability, but as the above article states; gerrymandering, voter suppression and the electoral college have distorted our republic and the ideals it stands for.

Even if it feels like voting for the lesser of two evils, in the end there's less evil.

Tried early voting yesterday in Naperville but there was an hour-long line at the municipal center. I've never seen the like. Will bring a book and try again bright and early tomorrow.

Our CEO sent out a reminder to vote and our whole office was pretty excited to get to the polls. It took an hour for me (really long wrap-around lines) and I got soaked on my bike ride and it all felt wonderful. Please vote today. Hey, and post those pics! :-) I owe myself a gelato!

Election Judge Tom A.K. says;  

The lines are starting to grow again, no problem. If you are in line at your assigned (correct) precinct before 7:01 CST you will be allowed to vote.

Bikes are allowed in this precinct !  Come on out and VOTE !


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