Veteran Chicago Fire Fighter dies 3 weeks after colliding with a car in Evergreen Park

The description of the crash is kinda vague, but it sounds like somebody suddenly stopped in front of him, and he went over the handlebars and hit his head.  RIP

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"Hughes, also of Mount Greenwood, said he would sometimes join his Fire Department partner in biking to work. The pair — known among friends as Felix and Oscar — both suffered from having "huge heads" and thus rarely wore helmets, Hughes said."

There are extra large sized helmets available for riders (like me) with huge heads.

Lt. Danny Carbol, R.I.P. +

I know a few people who have the same challenge in finding helmets big enough. Not a lot of options out there, but they do exist.

the Tribune article yesterday quoted the woman who hit him as "not having seen him." 

i'm so tired of seeing people say that and having it accepted as a reason to hit someone on a bike.

As an excuse, it's the modern day "i was drunk!" and i hope it becomes just as unacceptable. 

Yes, that excuse has gotten VERY tired. 

so says the one witness, who was in a car behind the car that the bike just came out of nowhere and the bike ran right into the side of.

if the driver really had no idea there was a bike in or approaching the intersection, she didn't actually look or was distracted by something. 

When you hit the side of a vehicle at a four-way stop, and do so hard enough to cause a traumatic head injury, it is pretty tough to argue that the cyclist did not run the stop sign.

Did the cyclist perceive that the SUV driver had yielded to him and all other traffic to proceed through the intersection when perhaps she was temporarily distracted by her smartphone and then quickly proceeded without checking for traffic and the cyclist? A SUV can accelerate and react quicker than a cyclist in clearing an intersection.

Never underestimate (or overestimate) the reason or results of any head injury in a cycling crash.

Was wondering about the circumstances. Articles were very vague, but Tribune says he ran a stop at a 4 stop intersection and ran into the Jeep. He's not around to tell his side, but it says he stuck the side of the Jeep.

Still, so sad for his family. Condolences.

From the location given in the Trib article, this is the crash location.,-87.7118533,3a,75y,90h,90t/...!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s7MgEyjD_7j1O_ZLIjkZSMQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

My sympathy to the family and friends of Danny Carbol.

The Trib article says that the victim was unconscious when officers arrived, but they wrote him a ticket anyway.  Then, they tried to deliver the ticket to him at the hospital, where he was still unconscious.  Finally, they mailed the ticket to his house for his grieving family to open.

The article also says that there was a witness in the car behind who backed up the crash drivers story, that is why the cyclist got the ticket. The cyclist had no witnesses to speak in his favor.


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