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This is my second and last thread on the question of lanes.  I noticed that on Damen south of Lake Street, the cars get two lanes.  The on - road signage suggests that bikes can make the right one theirs if they want. I see lots of bikers bunching to the far right of that lane, inviting cars to squish dangerously past them and not follow the three foot law.   Thus, rather than risk your neck, take up the whole right lane if you need to.  Some car drivers get upset but eventually realize they have to use the left lane to pass you.  But the city is giving you this right if you want to take it (we have the right to the road anyway if we need it, but this is even more blatant!) 

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Yes, SlowCoach, keep on reminding other cyclists that they do have the right to take the lane.

last thread? just keep on posting coach, you're good, cyclists never stop . . .  ;-)

Well it is one thing to 'have the right to,' and another to do so safely.   In heavy traffic, when I need to 'claim the lane,' I move aggressively to the center of the lane...and then keep watch behind me, making sure the upcoming driver slows and follows politely.  Because some drivers, maybe late for work, will STILL try to bull their way past you.  And to avoid getting hit by these crazies, you have to be ready to bail back over to the right.

Once you have a 'polite' driver following you, you can comfortably resume riding without worry.  You might be right, SlowCoach...but you don't want to be dead right.

I ride the right tire path of the automotive traffic, which is "as far right as practicable" in my view. Traffic has to move into the other lane to pass yet I still have maneuverable room to my right if crowded.

I ride with a rearward facing camera and have found, in my neck of the woods, that while there are drivers who crowd me, most give me a respectable space and pass safely. But without viewing the camera footage it is the close passers who burn into my memory.

There are many roads like this in Chicago.  Two lanes with no room on the right.  In some cases, cars are parked legally on the right against the curb.

I'll ride 1/3 of the way from the right, 2/3 from the divider between the two lanes.  I have a mirror and if I get a horn-honk I keep riding and NEVER make the one-finger salute.

Yes, that one-finger salute is not worth the hassle with some stupid drivers who are in a hurry but have the time to stop for an argument of sorts, go figure. :/


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