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Updated: LFT is closed between North and Grand -- here's a detour map

Happy reopening of the Lakefront Trail and Bloomingdale Trail day everyone. The LFT is still closed for repairs between the North Avenue and Grand Avenue entrances, so use these detours instead. The Orange route is more direct; the green route is mellower.

Lakefront Trail reopened today, but it's closed between the North & Grand entrances. Since @ChicagoParks and @ChicagoDOT don't appear to have released a detour map, we created one to help out cyclists. Orange route is more direct, green is mellower.

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I've ridden those streets many times.  Good recommendation!

I don't know that State St. is that mellow. If heading north I'd choose Dearborn just for the marked bike lane. 

If heading southbound from North Ave, once you leave the LFT, Astor Place to Division and then a quick jaunt on State before heading east on Delaware and catching Wabash would be my picks.

Wabash and Illinois, the eastbound street to the LFT, don't intersect (Wabash flies over Illinois), so if you do that route you need to jog east from Wabash on Ohio and then south on Rush to Illinois, which makes it pretty circuitous. But if you're not in a hurry, that would be a nice route.

Checked things out this morning, rode from Ardmore to North Avenue. Someone needs to remind the mayor and Chicago Park District that people are going to need access to facilities. It's not like there's a lot of privacy to just "go in the bushes."


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